Patent Office Issues 171 Patents To Indiana Citizens in January 2019

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The U.S. Patent Office issued the following 171 patent registrations to persons and businesses in Indiana in January 2020, based on applications filed by Indiana patent attorneys:

D0839493 Latch clip for a door assembly of an animal enclosure
D0839492 Clip for a door assembly of an animal enclosure
D0839391 Faucet handle
D0839390 Faucet
D0839139 Compartment lid
D0839034 Furniture spine unit
D0839033 Conference table
10,192,029 Secure and scalable mapping of human sequencing reads on hybrid clouds
10,191,073 Apparatus and method for processing at least one sample
10,190,988 Methods of laser welding disposable diagnostic test elements

10,190,745 Lamp assembly for use in a headlamp
10,190,465 Insulated cover for mixer assembly
10,190,440 Emergency shut-down detection system for a gas turbine
10,190,434 Turbine shroud with locating inserts
10,190,418 Gas turbine engine and turbine blade
10,190,334 Adjustable length cable
10,190,271 Adjustable modules for variable depth structures
10,189,818 5-(5-(2-(3-aminopropdoxy)-6-methoxyphenyl)-1H-pyrazol-3-ylamino)pyrazine-2- -carbonitfile (S)-lactate monohydrate
10,189,615 Child-resistant canister
10,188,861 Bioabsorbable or partially-bioabsorbable bone growth stimulator system and method for manufacturing a bioabsorbable or partially-bioabsorbable bone-regeneration stimulator system
10,188,838 Textile-reinforced high-pressure balloon
10,188,828 Medical devices, methods, and kits for delivering medication to a bodily passage
10,188,759 Conjugates for imaging
10,188,725 Hybrid core feline vaccines
10,188,573 Boot stirrup
10,188,538 Hybrid trigger wire for endografts
10,188,530 Provisional tibial prosthesis system
10,188,526 Spinal implant system and method
10,188,525 Spinal implant system and method
10,188,520 Modular lateral hip augments
10,188,503 Prosthesis having pivoting fenestration
10,188,502 Aortic graft device
10,188,464 Sensor-based shoulder system and method
10,188,427 Spinal construct and method
10,188,412 Snare auto micro-lock
10,188,152 System for minimizing multi-dimensional breast displacement
10,188,109 Picolinamide compounds with fungicidal activity
PP030120 Floribunda rose plant named `WEKmereadoit`
D0838629 Compartment lid
10,186,099 Usage of GPS on door security
10,185,885 Tex line detection
10,185,850 Method for storing temporary data in a memory of an RFID tag associated with a consumable of a laboratory instrument and system comprising a laboratory instrument, consumable and RFID tag
10,184,851 Supersensitive linear pressure transducer
10,184,441 Engine start/stop function management
10,184,415 Electronic filter detection feature for liquid filtration systems
10,184,383 Visual marking and geometric poka-yoke for fluid and electrical lines of aftertreatment systems
10,184,380 Use of pressure differential in selective catalytic reduction systems
10,184,352 Turbine shroud segment with integrated cooling air distribution system
10,184,350 Unison ring self-centralizers and method of centralizing
10,184,284 Networked door closer
10,184,232 Electronic faucet
10,184,156 Techniques for controlling precipitate phase domain size in an alloy
10,184,031 Melt-stabilized ultra high molecular weight polyethylene and method of making the same
10,183,936 Hepatitis B core protein allosteric modulators
10,183,894 Aqueous braze paste
10,183,794 Use of a water-soluble unit dose article to improve the user dosing experience
10,183,423 Method of making a blast or shock wave mitigating material
10,183,416 Wood board and process for its production
10,183,324 Vented sand core for sand casting
10,183,152 Cinching peritoneal dialysis catheter
10,183,113 Ambulatory infusion system including a step switching mechanism for valve control
10,183,042 Apparatus and method for separating and concentrating fluids containing multiple components
10,183,032 Methods for treating bacterial infection
10,182,922 Unilateral moveable interbody fusion device and method of use
10,182,834 Delivery of thrombolytic agent through actuation member of thrombus retrieval device
10,182,568 Use of picolinamide compounds as fungicides
10,182,498 Substrates with interdigitated hinged edge interconnects
10,180,420 Methods for detecting an analyte and performing a failsafe step in a body fluid using optical and impedance measurements
10,180,383 System and method for sensing and trapping nanoparticles with plasmonic nanopores
10,180,082 Fan case
10,180,080 Electromagnetic propeller brake
10,180,075 On-wing component wear analysis with fluid quality sensing
10,180,071 Composite blades for gas turbine engines
10,179,414 Protective ring for automated equipment axis pivot points
10,179,209 Injection needle covering system
10,179,017 Orthopedic tool for bone fixation
PP030055 Climbing rose plant named `WEKvaldaom`
10,177,700 Surgical power tool with critical error handler
10,177,462 Broadband four-bay antenna array
10,176,933 Super-capacitor and arrangement for miniature implantable medical devices
10,176,895 Configurable user interface systems for hospital bed
10,176,700 Hospital bed having near field communication capability
10,176,653 Access credential reader connector
10,176,299 Methods for the diagnosis and treatment of neurological disorders
10,176,297 Hospital bed computer system having EMR charting capability
10,176,023 Task dispatcher for block storage devices
10,175,291 Method for protecting an electronic circuit board
10,175,259 Laboratory cargo distribution system, laboratory automation system and method of operating a laboratory cargo distribution system
10,175,241 ASC as a marker for lung cancer
10,174,845 Ceramic seal runner and mount for a rotating shaft
10,174,832 System and method to control the operation of a transmission using engine fuel consumption data
10,174,814 Multi-speed planetary transmission
10,174,789 Low friction bearing assembly
10,174,694 Method of optimizing vehicle performance based on countershaft acceleration
10,174,691 Systems and methods for controlling EGR flow during transient conditions
10,174,658 Flow diverter to mitigate deposits in a doser cone
10,174,649 Cylinder block with integrated oil jacket
10,174,633 Containment hook for composite fan case
10,174,619 Gas turbine engine composite vane assembly and method for making same
10,174,526 Double shackle lock
10,174,525 Exit device with over-travel mechanism
10,174,524 Electronic deadbolt lock
10,174,387 Soybean markers linked to phytophthora resistance
10,174,382 Breast cancer prognostication and screening kits and methods of using same
10,174,337 Herbicide resistance genes
10,174,331 Methods and compositions for nuclease-mediated targeted integration of transgenes
10,174,093 Glucagon/GLP-1 receptor co-agonists
10,173,982 Picolinamides as fungicides
10,173,981 Picolinamides as fungicides
10,173,971 Picolinamides with fungicidal activity
10,173,943 Non-corrosive nitrification inhibitor polar solvent formulation
10,173,942 Non-corrosive nitrification inhibitor polar solvent formulation
10,173,689 Recreational vehicle and integrated body control and weight sensing system
10,173,359 Multi-layer tube and process of making the same
10,173,041 Applicators
10,173,027 Methods, medical devices and kits for modifying the luminal profile of a body vessel
10,172,922 Rapid-acting insulin compositions
10,172,733 Modular handle for a prosthesis delivery device
10,172,731 Circumferential trigger wire for deploying an endoluminal prosthesis
10,172,720 Tissue spacer implants, insertion and adjustment tools, and method of use
10,172,719 Surgical system and method of use
10,172,701 Double ended vascular filter
10,172,677 System and method to locate soft tissue for preoperative planning
10,172,675 Implant design analysis suite
10,172,651 Cortical bone implant
10,172,650 Spinal implant system and method
10,172,647 Poly-axial implant fixation system
10,172,646 Surgical clamps
10,172,522 Patient-need prediction system
10,172,471 Siderail with storage area
10,172,358 Thiopicolinamide compounds with fungicidal activity
10,172,355 Safened herbicidal compositions including 4-amino-3-chloro-5-fluoro-6-(4-chloro-2-fluoro-3-methoxyphenyl)pyridine-2- -carboxylic acid or a derivative thereof for use in rice
10,172,354 Synergistic fungicidal mixtures for fungal control in cereals
D0837345 Tub spout
D0836983 Beverage system
10,171,974 System and method for using an electronic lock with a smartphone
10,170,882 Direct-attach connector
10,169,942 Door lock sensor and alarm
10,169,938 Low power credential detection device for access control system
10,169,860 Grayscale thermographic imaging
10,169,540 Blood glucose system having time synchronization
10,168,321 Composition comprising up-converting phosphors for detecting an analyte
10,168,312 Systems and methods for screening a sample based on multiple reaction monitoring mass spectrometry
10,168,259 Microfluidic devices, systems, and methods for imaging tissue samples
10,168,136 Clearance gage
10,168,090 Temperature controlled box system
10,167,649 Automatic relief valve system with water level sensing for a fiberglass swimming pool body
10,167,637 Method of using a self adhering roofing membrane
10,167,497 Stable NAD/NADH derivatives
10,167,483 Herbicide resistance genes
10,167,447 Supports and methods for promoting integration of cartilage tissue explants
10,167,300 Metalloenzyme inhibitor compounds as fungicides
10,167,178 Leveling jack with direct actuation
10,167,144 Device for repositioning tubes in a tube rack
10,166,971 System and method for energy rate balancing in hybrid automatic transmissions
10,166,947 Sealed web retractors for personal restraint systems and associated systems and methods
10,166,533 Methods for producing borylated arenes
10,166,372 Angioplasty balloon improved with graphene
10,166,333 Method for generating a monitoring signal using a supervising entity or safety module
10,166,125 Transdermal intraosseous device
10,166,121 Bone preserving intraoperative downsizing system for orthopaedic implants
10,166,095 Introducer for a side branch device
10,166,055 Method and apparatus for bone fixation
10,166,034 Knee arthroplasty instrument
10,166,032 Modular humeral head resurfacing system
10,166,031 Method and apparatus for preparing an implantation site
10,166,022 Method and apparatus for bone fixation
10,166,017 Medical devices having a releasable tubular member and methods of using the same
10,165,904 Hidden shower surround storage
10,165,775 Pesticidal compositions and processes related thereto
10,165,751 Canola inbred line G30853A
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