Patent Office Issues 174 Patents to Indiana Persons and Businesses in October 2021

Patent No. Title
D934,417 Remote controller for glucose monitoring system
D934,393 Spout
D934,391 Faucet handle
D934,387 Faucet body
D934,385 Faucet sprayhead

D934,120 Electric bike
D933,976 Banquette
11,159,823 Multi-viewport transcoding for volumetric video streaming
11,159,105 Light responsive polymer magnetic microrobots
11,159,024 Electrical architecture for hybrid propulsion
11,158,502 Methods of forming nano-scale and micro-scale structured materials and materials formed thereby
11,158,405 Pre-operative assessment and inventory management system
11,158,299 Acoustic meta-material basic structure unit, composite structure thereof, and assembly method
11,158,181 Behavior modification system for elopement and wandering prevention
11,156,610 Methods for reducing interferences
11,156,229 Livestock blower apparatus
11,156,213 Systems and methods for purging an exhaust reductant delivery system
11,156,144 Reductant delivery systems and methods
11,156,137 Inside-out rotating coalescer with gas exit through hollow shaft
11,156,111 Pinned platform for blade with circumferential attachment
11,156,025 Latchbolt damping module
11,156,019 Lock cylinder with electronic key recognition
11,155,900 Nickel-titanium-yttrium alloys with reduced oxide inclusions
11,155,800 PSMA binding ligand-linker conjugates and methods for using
11,155,734 Sediment mixture configured to be used as an abrasive agent
11,155,689 Polymeric material for an insulated container
11,155,668 Contact-killing, QAC functionalized thermoplastic polyurethane for catheter applications
11,155,592 Protein tyrosine-tyrosine analogs and methods of using the same
11,155,542 Antimicrobial compounds, their use for the treatment of mammalian infections and a new metabolic mechanism
11,155,400 Pill-dispensing package
11,155,339 Electrified mechanical control cables
11,155,338 Encryption and security in a distributed control network
11,155,058 Laminated fabrics and protective covers with post-industrial and/or post-consumer content and methods of making laminated fabrics and protective covers with post-industrial and/or post consumer content
11,155,039 Warp compensation for additive manufacturing
11,154,541 Methods for treating aortic valve stenosis with a hedgehog pathway inhibitor
11,154,514 Quinic acid-modified nanoparticles and uses thereof
11,154,448 Funerary viewing system and method
D933,828 Blood testing apparatus
D933,810 Fan blade
D933,804 Diffuser head for an air conditioning system
D933,786 Faucet handle
D933,785 Faucet
D933,784 Faucet
D933,783 Faucet
D933,782 Faucet
D933,611 Electrical receptacle with in-line power unit
D933,377 Banquette
D933,376 Banquette
11,153,283 Network security devices and method
11,152,804 Circuit and method for detecting status of a DC power supply for charging a battery
11,152,669 Scalable battery module
11,152,542 Semiconductor device and method of making the same
11,152,164 Grain bin sump control with automatic intermediate sump lock-out assembly
11,152,111 Historical identification and accuracy compensation for problem areas in a locating system
11,151,818 Technologies for determining intent in an access control system
11,151,040 Approximate cache memory
11,150,633 System and method for automated geometric shape deviation modeling for additive manufacturing
11,150,256 Reagent management system
11,150,247 Method for serological detection of viral antigens
11,149,932 Device with lighting, location and communication systems
11,149,741 Variable pitch fan for a gas turbine engine
11,149,727 High pressure common rail fuel pump outlet check valve spring retainer method
11,149,701 Filtration monitoring system that monitors dual filtration systems
11,149,681 Piston with insulating air gap formed by additive manufacturing
11,149,639 Systems and methods of reducing distortions of the inlet airflow to a turbomachine
11,149,638 Particle separator
11,149,635 Closed compressed gas power and thermal management system
11,149,609 Aftertreatment system for mixing a reductant in an exhaust gas flowing therethrough
11,149,602 Passive flap valve for vehicle exhaust system
11,149,590 Ceramic matrix composite joints
11,149,576 Turbine shroud with ceramic matrix composite seal segments mounted to metallic carriers
11,149,567 Ceramic matrix composite load transfer roller joint
11,149,563 Ceramic matrix composite blade track with mounting system having axial reaction load distribution features
11,149,560 Airfoil assembly with ceramic matrix composite parts and load-transfer features
11,149,476 Door stop
11,149,469 Electric strike with selectable channel location
11,149,290 Virus-assisted algal cell disruption for cost-effective biofuel production
11,149,287 Optimal soybean loci
11,149,283 Herbicide resistance genes
11,148,761 Bar lounger
11,148,259 Universal drive head for override wrench
11,148,129 Systems and methods for remanufacturing selective catalytic reduction systems
11,147,764 Tablets with improved acceptance and good storage stability
11,147,730 Boot stirrup having adjustable length boot
11,147,719 Incontinence detection systems for hospital beds
11,147,653 Orthodontic bracket having a movable ligating door
11,147,602 Spinal implant system and method
11,147,476 Monitoring a sleeping subject
11,147,226 Inbred corn line BSQ033
PP33,542 Hybrid tea rose plant named `WEKnewibpusbi`
PP33,541 Climbing rose plant named `WEKausujucton`
D933,188 Fan assembly
D933,170 Faucet spout
D933,169 Faucet spout
D933,168 Tub spout
D933,167 Faucet handle
D933,166 Faucet handle
D933,165 Faucet
D932,902 Bottle with cap
11,146,955 Mobile device tools for authenticated smart vehicle pairing and wireless routing configuration and methods of us
11,146,866 Modular assembly for providing telecommunications and internet services and method of installation thereof
11,146,002 Direct-attach connector
11,145,960 Tip clearance sensor system with an integral patch antenna array
11,145,721 MOS-based power semiconductor device having increased current carrying area and method of fabricating same
11,145,415 Systems and methods for post-operative outcome monitoring
11,144,447 Device for performing at least one medical action at a human or animal body via device over memory cleaning called by wear leveling
11,143,645 Systems and methods for a versatile electrochemical test strip that may include one or more assays for different analytes in the same test strip
11,143,575 Diagnostic system and method for detecting internal combustion engine faults using exhaust pressure readings
11,143,503 Interferometric waviness detection systems
11,143,502 Systems and methods for test strip insertion positioning check and type match
11,143,273 Straight-sided radial flank architecture
11,143,149 Cobra head air intake ports
11,143,113 Hybrid gas turbine engine control system
11,143,103 Nose cone and fan assembly
11,143,081 Reductant deposit detection using a radiofrequency sensor
11,143,077 System and method for varying reductant delivery pressure to aftertreatment systems
11,143,069 Method and apparatus to enable package space reduction in a vehicle exhaust system
11,143,054 Tip clearance radio frequency sensor
11,142,939 Power boost module
11,142,666 Cationic-stabilized dispersions, hybridized cationic-stabilized dispersions, in-mold coated articles prepared utilizing such stabilized dispersions, and methods for manufacturing same
11,142,350 Compact scalable drag sail deployment assembly
11,141,696 Single module integrated aftertreatment module
11,141,687 Filter with interlocking housing interface
11,141,494 Development of neurokinin-1 receptor-binding agent delivery conjugates
11,141,338 Lightweight casket assembly with side panel rails
11,141,299 Suture esophageal stent introducer
11,141,298 Suture esophageal stent introducer
11,141,297 Endovascular delivery device having an improved top-cap assembly
11,141,290 Revision knee arthroplasty methods and instruments
11,141,287 Spinal implant system and method
11,141,277 Metal implant for generating soft tissue and attaching to an implant
11,141,276 Modular augment component
11,141,143 Spinal implant system and method for lumbar and lumbosacral fusion
11,141,115 Pre-operative assessment system
D932,593 Faucet
D932,592 Faucet
11,139,619 Overmolded lead frame providing contact support and impedance matching properties
11,139,157 Multiplexed inductive ionization systems and methods
11,138,906 Breastfeeding simulation system
11,138,842 System for detecting the presence of an object to be protected in a low-light environment
11,137,389 Methods of hematocrit correction as well as glucose meters and systems adapted therefor
11,137,366 Electrode arrangements for test element integrity
11,137,294 Method of temperature error detection
11,137,225 Firearm shell casing catching system
11,137,220 Boiling processes and systems therefor having hydrophobic boiling surfaces
11,137,050 Transmission multi-speed adder
11,137,035 Synchronized electromagnetic single plate clutch system
11,136,935 Adaptive high pressure fuel pump system and method for predicting pumped mass
11,136,932 Charge-flow adjustment in closed-loop exhaust temperature control on dual fuel engines
11,136,910 Systems and methods for mixing exhaust gases and reductant in an aftertreatment system
11,136,788 Door improvements and data mining via accelerometer and magnetometer electronic component
11,136,649 Copper based casting products and processes
11,136,630 Markers linked to reniform nematode resistance
11,136,550 Method and system for tissue treatment with critical/supercritical carbon dioxide
11,136,525 Liquid and semisolid lubricant compositions, methods of making, and uses thereof
11,136,376 Recombinant immunoglobulin heavy chains comprising a sortase conjugation loop and conjugates thereof
11,136,205 Grain bin powersweep with sweep conveyor end wheel
11,135,658 Tool holder with induction disruption cavity
11,135,616 Methods of reducing sinuous flow during machining and products formed thereby
11,135,573 Phosphate-promoted nickel catalyst for high temperature oligomerization
11,135,335 Elastomeric films having low tear propagation
11,135,116 Casket ornament attachment mechanism
11,135,111 Patient monitoring and repositioning system and related method
11,135,110 Patient support apparatus
11,135,077 Method of air reduction in stent graft delivery device
11,135,071 Geared cam expandable interbody implant and method of implanting same
11,135,021 Soft tissue balancing in articular surgery
11,134,994 Spinal-correction system having threaded extender tabs and reduction tab extenders
11,134,988 Ankle fixation system
11,134,958 Revision joint replacement device and method
11,134,951 Side-to-side anastomosis system and punch tool for same
11,134,869 Sensor device for determining the concentration of an analyte under in-vivo conditions and process of manufacturing
11,134,738 Helmet with external flexible cage
11,134,684 Method of using hydrophilized bactericidal polymers
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