Patent Office Issues 181 Patents To Indiana Citizens in March 2015

The U.S. Patent Office issued the following 181 patent registrations to persons and businesses in Indiana in March 2015, based on applications filed by Indiana patent attorneys:

PAT. NO. Title
D725,756 Shower wall 
D725,754 Tub 
D725,741 Handheld shower 
D725,581 Vehicle console portion 
D725,411 Furniture piece 
D725,409 Bedrail apron 
8996878 Controlling an analysis system of biological samples 
8996258 Vehicle safety system having methods and apparatus configurable for various vehicle geometries 
8994932 Multimodal platform for nonlinear optical microscopy and microspectroscopy 
8994396 Variation-tolerant self-repairing displays 

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8993772 Process for the preparation of 4-amino-5-fluoro-3-halo-6-(substituted)picolinates 
8993769 Processes to produce certain 2-(pyridine-3-yl)thiazoles 
8993621 Caffeic acid derivatives and their use in improving neuronal cell viability 
8993568 Morpholinyl derivatives useful as MOGAT-2 inhibitors 
8993047 Method of manufacturing granule coated asphaltic articles 
8993034 Oil comprising diacylglycerol acyltransferase 2 genes and proteins encoded thereby from algae 
8992965 Bone matrix compositions and methods 
8992862 All-in-one means of separating blood components 
8992832 Luminescence method of detecting an analyte in a liquid sample and analysis system 
8992825 Rapid manufacturing of porous metal prostheses 
8992750 Biosensor and methods for manufacturing 
8992667 Systems and methods for closed crankcase ventilation and air filtration 
8992628 Bone delivery system 
8992593 Apparatus and methods for deployment of a modular stent-graft system 
8992591 Delivery system with low longitudinal compressibility 
8992583 Flexible plate fixation of bone fractures 
8992536 Coplanar deformity correction system 
8992356 Synthetic fiber ball 
8991890 Slide-out room system having wall-mounted drive mechanisms 
8991787 Lead-free high temperature/pressure piping components and methods of use 
8991632 Canister 
8991425 Waterway assembly including an overmolded support plate 
8991115 Solar panel assembly with movable barriers 
8991067 Methods and apparatuses for drying electronic devices 
8990974 Overmolded fitting connection with color indication 
D725,243 Tub 
D725,242 Tub 
D725,165 Poultry rake 
D725,153 Portable fuel pump design 
8990894 Quality assured analytical testing system and method thereof
8989419 Phase plug with axially twisted radial channels 
8987953 Permanent magnet electric machine including permanent magnets having a sleeve formed from a thermal interface material 
8987552 Nucleic acid molecules that target the vacuolar ATPase H subunit and confer resistance to coleopteran pests 
8987281 Methods of treating cancer 
8987254 Tetrahydropyrrolothiazine compounds 
8986976 Method for isolation of nucleic acids and a kit thereof 
8986835 Growth process for gallium nitride porous nanorods 
8986771 Dendritic emulsifiers and methods for their use and preparation 
8986620 System for treating a platinum contaminated catalytic component 
8986593 In-mold-coated automotive interior and other products, and methods for manufacturing same 
8986391 Latent mobile bearing for prosthetic device 
8986389 Expanding interbody implant and articulating inserter and method 
8986369 Magnesium-based absorbable implants 
8986365 Delivery system with retractable proximal end 
8986363 Proximal release delivery system 
8986345 Expanding suture anchor having an actuator pin 
8986338 Vascular plugs 
8986334 Tissue removal device with tissue grip 
8986310 Femoral cut guide 
8986281 Anti-thrombogenic catheter and method 
8986223 Test media cassette for bodily fluid testing device 
8986042 Square RF electrical contact and method of manufacturing the same 
8985921 Side rail of a flatbed trailer for use with cargo restraint devices 
8985664 Cargo bed stake pocket adapted for securing J-hook strap thereto 
8985598 Cart for transporting, storing and charging medical manikins
8985441 Analysis system for analyzing biological samples, methods, and computer program product thereof 
8985430 Method for attaching a porous metal layer to a metal substrate 
8985301 Reload conveyor with articulating frame 
8985146 Faucet including a molded waterway assembly 
8985120 Method to reduce SLOSH energy absorption and its damaging effects through the reduction of inelastic collisions in an organism 
8985058 Collapsible wire crate and method of assembly 
8984945 System and device for acoustic measuring in a medium 
8984859 Gas turbine engine and reheat system 
8984858 Gas turbine engine 
8984804 Bedbug detection, monitoring and control techniques 
8984742 Method of making soft magnetic amorphous metal electromechanical component 
8984680 Tri-fold sofa 
D724,753 Medical in-vitro diagnostic analyzer 
8983957 Method of operating a repository for three-dimensional printing data 
8982147 Methods for retrieving shapes and drawings 
8981884 Hall effect grain level switch 
8981710 Energy management system 
8981070 Conjugate between a thiophilic solid phase and an oligonucleotide comprising a thiooxonucleotide 
8981047 Glucagon antagonists 
8980972 Polymerisable material 
8980956 Methods for producing biocompatible materials 
8980955 Small molecule inhibitors of replication protein A that also act synergistically with cisplatin 
8980910 Treatment of glaucoma 
8980830 Peptide compounds exhibiting glucagon antagonist and GLP-1 agonist activity 
8980637 Breast cancer biomarkers and identification methods using NMR and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry 
8980582 BMP-6 antibodies and DNA encoding the same 
8980573 Method for providing diagnosis of cancer using seprase as a marker 
8980317 Methods and compositions for treating infections comprising a local anesthetic 
8979940 Modular attachment mechanism in prosthetic implants 
8979936 Patient-modified implant 
8979935 Joint space interpositional prosthetic device with internal bearing surfaces 
8979903 Revision fixation plate and method of use 
8979901 Dynamic bone fastener with a preset range of motion 
8979891 Medical devices with detachable pivotable jaws 
8979849 Osteochondral implant fixation procedure and bone dilator used in same 
8979847 Method and apparatus for implanting a knee prosthesis 
8979551 Low-profile mezzanine connector 
8979266 Devices and methods for polarization-sensitive optical coherence tomography and adaptive optics 
8979077 Gas spring end member as well as gas spring assembly and suspension system including same 
8979075 Gas spring assembly and method of assembling same 
8979074 Air springs with improved high temperature performance 
8979053 Ladder standoff support for a roof 
8978681 Portable barrier 
8978620 Seatless wet cylinder liner for internal combustion engine 
8978443 Shock detection in a utility meter having reporting capability 
8978395 Reject heat driven absorption cooling cycle 
8978311 Mobile stage system 
8978241 Pallet refurbishing apparatus and method 
8978182 Occupant protective features for the foot region of a bed 
D724,171 Modular free float tube for a firearm 
D724,105 Spreader hopper 
8977883 Time synchronization improvements for interoperable medical devices 
8977727 Remote configuration and selective distribution of product content to medical devices 
8977505 Hand held analysis device for analyzing a body fluid and a control method therefor 
8977475 Control system for a model-based knock suppression system using a multiple actuation strategy 
8976850 Method and apparatus for sharing channel state information (CSI) in a multiple-user multiple-input multiple-output (MU-MIMO) environment 
8975792 Electric machine module cooling system and method 
8974932 Battery powered surgical tool with guide wire 
8974717 Method for producing ceramic stereolithography parts 
8974567 Rotating coalescer with keyed drive 
8974522 Coated medical device 
8974502 Methods, systems, and devices for treating intervertebral discs including intradiscal fluid evacuation 
8974493 Method and apparatus for sealing access 
8974465 Device and method for mixing and dispensing a bone cement mixture 
8974384 Data processing device for processing measured values 
8974379 Medical systems for accessing an internal bodily opening 
8973974 Aerodynamic rear fairing system for a trailer 
8973868 Airborne cooling system 
8973712 Inground superstructure and integrated third stage arm for vehicle lift 
8973612 Capacitive sensing electronic faucet including differential measurements 
8973551 Connecting rod lubrication apparatus 
8973464 Housing with a direct flow path for hardware lubrication 
8973418 Mechanical combination lock 
8973375 Shielding for a gas turbine engine component 
8973187 Bed frame assembly with a lift system having a translatable carriage 
8973186 Optimization of the operation of a patient-support apparatus based on patient response 
D723,424 Street car 
D723,244 Food product 
8972443 Distributed platform for network analysis 
8972083 System and method for aircraft thermal capacity prediction 
8971981 Device and method for facilitating infusion of therapeutic fluids and sensing of bodily analytes 
8970384 Devices and methods for malfunctions recognition in a therapeutic dispensing device 
8970370 Method and system to calibrate physical data 
8969599 Cerium-containing zeolites and coke reduction methods 
8969555 Bicyclic pyrimidine compounds 
8969397 Systems and methods to treat pain locally 
8969294 Glucagon/GLP-1 receptor co-agonists 
8969288 Amide based glucagon and superfamily peptide prodrugs 
8969007 Microchamber electrochemical cell having a nanoslot 
8968853 Pressure-sensitive adhesives including expandable graphite 
8968771 Articles and methods for applying antimicrobial protection 
8968767 Drug depots having different release profiles for reducing, preventing or treating pain and inflammation 
8968676 Method of measuring an analyte concentration in a sample of a body liquid 
8968565 No filter no run fluid filtration system 
8968420 Surgical prosthetic device cutting tool 
8968415 Implant fixation device 
8968411 Modular elbow prosthesis 
8968381 Everting deployment system and handle 
8968380 Deployment handle for an introducer 
8968373 Cortical tenting screw 
8968364 Method and apparatus for fixation of an ACL graft 
8968323 Bone graft injection syringe 
8968248 PEG tube with wireless pull tip 
8968211 Adjustable sample size tissue sampling device 
8968192 Systems and methods for tissue retraction 
8967889 Panning slider 
8967531 Aircraft and airborne electrical power and thermal management system 
8967529 Battery-structure 
8967421 Container securing base and tray 
8967216 Linear friction welder with helical groove 
8967181 Diesel exhaust fluid tank venting system 
8967091 Thermostat housing which provides optimized coolant flow 
8967054 Office desking system 
8967004 Armature with torque limiter for engine starter 
8966990 MEMS devices exhibiting linear characteristics 
8966911 Turbofan engine with HP and LP power off-takes 
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