Patent Office Issues 184 Patents To Indiana Citizens in December 2013

The U.S. Patent Office issued the following184 patent registrations to persons and businesses in Indiana in December 2013, based on applications filed by Indiana patent attorneys: 

Patent No.  Title
D696,781 Orthopaedic tool handle 
8,621,641 Systems and methods for authorization of information access 
8,620,625 Above bed sensor 
8,620,477 Control for pressurized bladder in a patient support apparatus 
8,618,954 Mobile FLOW readout and mobile FLOW sequencer features 
8,618,918 Patient support, communication, and computing apparatus including movement of the support and connection to the hospital network 
8,618,511 Marking method for the reject marking of test elements 
8,618,475 Ion mobility spectrometer with one or more integral ion activation regions 
8,618,444 Rotary door heater system 
8,618,293 Redox mediators 

8,618,100 Compounds with antibacterial activity against Clostridium 
8,617,869 Metal coated virus-based nanoelectrodes and method of assembling of same 
8,617,630 Fine particle applicator and related methods 
8,617,585 Intramedullary drug delivery device and method of treating bone fractures 
8,617,583 Alpha adrenergic receptor agonists for prevention or treatment of a hematoma, edema, and/or deep vein thrombosis 
8,617,498 Differential NH.sub.3 and NO.sub.X measurement using an exhaust gas sensor coupled with a micro SCR catalyst 
8,617,448 Methods of making an endovascular prosthesis using a deformable matrix 
8,617,252 Spinal fusion methods and devices 
8,617,250 Revision knee tibial locking mechanism 
8,617,249 Graft prosthetic composite for proximal humerus 
8,617,243 Spinal disc prosthesis and associated methods 
8,617,224 Anterior lumbar plate and method 
8,617,222 Non-metallic orthopedic plate 
8,617,220 System and method for correction of a spinal disorder 
8,617,218 Bone anchor extenders 
8,617,215 Connecting element and system for flexible spinal stabilization 
8,617,211 Spine distraction implant and method 
8,617,205 Closure device 
8,617,200 Multi-layer filtration device 
8,617,191 Probe coupler assembly 
8,617,062 Over dilation 
8,617,053 Remote position control for surgical apparatus 
8,617,041 Automated sample workcell and method of operation 
8,617,028 System for managing torque in a vehicle driveline coupled to an internal combustion engine and an electric motor 
8,617,026 Face spline clutch 
8,616,854 Nose cone assembly 
8,616,827 Turbine blade tip clearance system 
8,616,438 Optical detector at point of care 
8,616,405 Drink cup lid 
8,615,827 Person-support apparatus with movable portions 
D696,383 Handheld shower 
D696,382 Handheld shower 
D696,381 Handheld shower 
D696,038 Chair 
8,615,366 Handheld diabetes management device with bolus calculator 
8,615,353 Driveline system impact reverberation reduction 
8,614,538 Electric machine cooling system and method 
8,614,530 Stator core for an electric machine 
8,614,414 Proximity sensor 
8,614,375 Cotton variety 
8,614,167 Synergistic herbicidal composition containing fluroxypyr and penoxsulam, halosulfuron-methyl, imazamox or imazethapyr 
8,613,921 Antibodies that bind TGF-alpha and epiregulin 
8,613,789 Method of producing particulate-reinforced composites and composites produced thereby 
8,613,775 Asymmetric tibial components for a knee prosthesis 
8,613,769 Apparatus and method for supporting vertebral bodies 
8,613,763 Implantable vascular device 
8,613,761 Surgical implant with an anti-backout feature 
8,613,752 Surgical instrument for removing body tissue or vessels 
8,613,713 Wire guide having variable flexibility and method of use thereof 
8,613,598 Wet compression apparatus and method 
8,613,596 Vane assembly having a vane end seal 
8,613,593 Engine case system for a gas turbine engine 
8,613,430 Gas spring assembly and suspension system including same 
8,613,426 Power line puller control package 
8,613,419 Capacitive coupling arrangement for a faucet 
8,613,188 Method of enhancing microthruster performance 
D695,872 Broadhead arrow tip 
D695,614 Bottle 
D695,588 Door latch for an animal crate 
8,612,114 System for controlling torque converter temperature during torque converter stall conditions 
8,611,511 Contact number encapsulation system 
8,609,892 Glucagon receptor antagonists, preparation and therapeutic uses 
8,609,855 Process for the preparation of 4-amino-5-fluoro-3-halo-6-(substituted)picolinates 
8,609,853 Process for the preparation of 4-amino-3-chloro-5-fluoro-6-(substituted) picolinates 
8,609,817 Anti-hepcidin-25 selective antibodies and uses thereof 
8,609,592 2-(substituted phenyl)-6-amino-5-alkoxy, thioalkoxy and aminoalkyl-4-pyrimidinecarboxylates and their use as herbicides 
8,609,588 Synergistic herbicidal composition containing penoxsulam and glyphosate 
8,609,587 Synergistic herbicidal compositions containing propyzamide and aminopyralid 
8,609,586 Safening composition of 6-(trisubstituted phenyl)-4-amino-2-pyridinecarboxylate herbicides and cloquintocet-mexyl for cereal crops 
8,609,420 Quantum dot carrier peptide conjugates suitable for imaging and delivery applications in plants 
8,609,127 Medical implant with bioactive material and method of making the medical implant 
8,609,124 System and methods of maintaining space for augmentation of the alveolar ridge 
8,608,937 Biosensor with predetermined dose response curve and method of manufacturing 
8,608,803 Implant derived from bone 
8,608,795 Tapered loading system for implantable medical devices 
8,608,777 Method and apparatus for coupling soft tissue to a bone 
8,608,771 Vascular occlusion device with enhanced feedback 
8,608,761 Thrombus removal device 
8,608,751 Assembly system for orthopedic components 
8,608,749 Patient-specific acetabular guides and associated instruments 
8,608,748 Patient specific guides 
8,608,747 Bur guide attachment and method of use 
8,608,690 Melt-bonded joint for joining sheaths used in medical devices, and methods of forming the melt-bonded joint 
8,608,669 Lancet having capillary channel and sterile protection element and method for producing such a lancet 
8,608,668 Lancet protective cap 
8,608,667 Device and method for obtaining body fluid 
8,608,447 Disk for turbine engine 
8,608,253 Locking hub 
8,608,052 High-density barcodes for medical consumables 
8,608,049 Method for bonding a tantalum structure to a cobalt-alloy substrate 
8,608,001 Mold-in-place two shot seal 
8,607,603 Systems, devices and methods for multi-dimensional bending of an elongate member 
8,607,423 Casket insert roller system 
8,607,388 Patient-support apparatus having patient entertainment projector 
8,607,384 Bed frame assembly with a lift system having a translatable carriage 
8,607,378 Caregiver assist device 
RE44,638 Quinazolinones as inhibitors of human phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase delta 
D695,148 Race car 
D695,038 Lounge 
8,606,474 Continuous variable transmission system 
8,606,373 Firefighting monitor and control system therefor 
8,605,952 Dietary assessment system and method 
8,604,917 Hospital bed having user input to enable and suspend remote monitoring of alert conditions 
8,604,916 Association of support surfaces and beds 
8,604,912 System and method of tracking salvaged vehicles and parts using RFID tags 
8,604,423 Method for enhancement of mass resolution over a limited mass range for time-of-flight spectrometry 
8,604,381 Integrated laser material processing cell 
8,604,211 Pesticidal compositions 
8,604,199 Insecticidal pyridine compounds 
8,604,002 Saccharide antifreeze compositions 
8,603,984 Methods for controlling pain in canines using a transdermal solution of fentanyl 
8,603,755 Resistance to auxinic herbicides 
8,603,631 Polyester binding compositions 
8,603,524 Delivery of ethylene blocking and/or promoting agents 
8,603,441 Functionalized calcium phosphate hybrid systems for confectionery and foodstuff applications 
8,603,394 Measurement system with distributed functions 
8,603,346 Apparatus and method for separating and concentrating fluids containing multiple components 
8,603,308 Electrical patterns for biosensor and method of making 
8,603,185 Stent geometry 
8,603,180 Patient-specific acetabular alignment guides 
8,603,156 Stent grafts for the thoracic aorta 
8,603,125 Method and apparatus for sizing a material 
8,603,121 Systems and methods for creating anastomoses 
8,603,102 Bone fixation tool 
8,603,101 Provisional tibial prosthesis system 
8,603,071 Locking device for sheath or catheter 
8,603,036 Vascular introducer and method of using same 
8,602,820 Wire set having a sheath bonded to a polyvinylchloride overmolding using polyurethane 
8,602,399 Reflector and gas spring assembly 
8,602,324 Liquid sprayer 
8,602,290 Method for bonding a tantalum structure to a cobalt-alloy substrate 
8,602,142 Hybrid vehicle braking adjustment for vehicle weight 
8,601,620 Cover system for a patient support surface 
D694,884 Cut guide 
D694,557 Desk shelf 
8,601,005 Location enabled food database 
8,600,243 Polarization mode dispersion compensation 
8,599,751 Clustered multi-cell multi-user multiple input multiple output communication system using cell-edge user selection scheme 
8,599,489 Near field raman imaging 
8,598,996 Hygiene compliance reporting system 
8,598,995 Distributed healthcare communication system 
8,598,748 Roller spark gap 
8,598,517 Method and apparatus for activation of cation transmission mode ion/ion reactions 
8,598,413 AAD-1 event DAS-40278-9, related transgenic corn lines, event-specific identification thereof, and methods of weed control involving AAD-1 
8,598,379 Method of lowering the cloud point of fatty acid esters 
8,598,214 Insecticidal N-substituted (6-haloalkylpyridin-3-yl)-alkyl sulfoximines 
8,598,182 Insecticidal pyrimidinyl aryl hyrdrazones 
8,598,086 3-halo-(arly)-4-iminotetrahydropicolinates and their use as herbicides 
8,598,085 2-(2-fluoro-substituted phenyl)-6-amino-5-chloro-4-pyrimidinecarboxylates and their use as herbicides 
8,598,084 Synergistic herbicide/insecticide composition containing certain pyridine carboxylic acids and certain insecticides 
8,597,885 Accelerated progression relapse test 
8,597,825 Battery assembly including battery module with wrap blanket between module and encapsulating solution 
8,597,589 Analysis system for analyzing a sample on a test element 
8,597,514 Apparatus and method for treating wastewater 
8,597,454 Catheter tip assembly 
8,597,365 Patient-specific pelvic implants for acetabular reconstruction 
8,597,352 Articular cartilage fixation device and method 
8,597,346 Stent grafts for the thoracic aorta 
8,597,342 Textile graft for in situ fenestration 
8,597,327 Method and apparatus for sternal closure 
8,597,314 Helically advancing constriction crossing mechanism and wire guide positioning method for performing percutaneous vascular procedures 
8,597,310 Laparoscopic anastomosis tools and technique 
8,597,303 Articulating basket with simultaneous basket extension or basket retraction 
8,597,192 Ultrasonic devices and methods to diagnose pain generators 
8,596,968 Diffuser for a compressor 
8,596,627 Automobile rotisserie 
8,596,490 Food tray with integrated liquid-retention system 
8,596,470 Buoy fractionation system 
8,596,461 Method and means for facilitating material handling 
8,596,253 Rotating arrow rest 
8,596,243 Conical air flow valve having improved flow capacity and control 
8,596,218 Sow lactation feeder 
8,596,076 Variable pressure ratio gas turbine engine 
8,595,908 Casket assembly with nesting lids 

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