Patent Office Issues 190 Patents to Indiana Citizens in June 2022

The U.S. Patent Office issued the following 190 patent registrations to persons and businesses in Indiana in June 2022 based on applications filed by Indiana patent attorneys:

D956,187 Lavatory basin
D956,184 Faucet
D956,182 Faucet
D955,924 Travel trailer
D955,858 Door trim

D955,854 Pull
D955,851 Pull
D955,834 Blade hub
11,375,455 Technologies for associating an offline Wi-Fi system with a wireless access point
11,375,320 Thermoacoustic device and method of making the same
11,374,602 System and method for signal interference rejection using human body communication
11,374,400 Topology of a solid state power controller with two mid-capacitors
11,374,360 Electrical contacts having anchoring regions with improved impedance characteristics
11,373,469 Power and communication arrangements for an access control system
11,372,994 Security application for data security formatting, tagging and control
11,372,948 Method of modeling many particle system
11,372,178 Rack-mountable equipment with a high-heat-dissipation module, and transceiver receptacle with increased cooling
11,372,039 Trailer lighting outage detection circuit
11,372,000 Antibodies recognizing genetic variants of NT-proBNP
11,371,589 Clutch configurations for a multiple motor mixed-speed continuous power transmission
11,371,262 Method and apparatus for deadbolt position sensing
11,371,069 Methods for mitigating the inhibitory effects of lignin and soluble phenolics for enzymatic conversion of cellulose
11,371,055 Herbicide resistance genes
11,370,756 Sulfoxide-based reagent for mass spectrometry
11,370,554 Hybrid propulsion systems
11,370,388 Dual-web retractor arrangement
11,370,007 Encapsulated reactant and process
11,369,957 Measurement of an analyte with a cartridge
11,369,948 Method of catalyst preparation by pressure dilution
11,369,910 Panel filter element
11,369,818 Monitor cover and lighting apparatus and method
11,369,791 Auricular nerve field stimulation device
11,369,752 Delivery of therapeutic material via sub-ligamentous space
11,369,590 PSMA binding ligand-linker conjugates and methods for using
11,369,538 Reconfigurable pelvic support for a surgical frame and method for use thereof
11,369,474 Bone implant having a mesh
11,369,389 Surgical instrument and method
11,369,319 Method of operating a receiver for receiving analyte data, receiver and computer program product
11,369,055 Methods and systems for modeling soil processes and properties
D955,601 Specimen collection container
D955,579 Surgical implant
D955,482 Bean bag toss game with inlaid lighting
D955,204 Door trim
D955,203 Door trim
11,367,549 Releasable magnetic coupler
11,367,535 Patient care system for a home environment
11,366,918 Methods and apparatus for encrypted indexing and searching encrypted data
11,366,473 Systems and methods for autonomous marking identification
11,365,936 Cassette design drop out box, combustion chamber, duct and electric arc furnace upper shell system
11,365,909 Vapor leak separation and detection system
11,365,813 Device for selectively storing and mixing first and second liquids
11,365,682 Gas turbine engine cooled sump buffer air system
11,365,678 Self modulating valve
11,365,662 Systems and methods for coordinated exhaust temperature control with electric heater and engine
11,365,634 Boundary layer ingestion fan system
11,365,633 Boundary layer ingestion fan system
11,365,630 Fan rotor with tapered drive joint
11,365,575 Door closer casings
11,365,563 Exit device dogging operator
11,365,562 Sliding window assembly
11,365,185 Lysophosphatidic acid receptor 1 (LPAR1) inhibitor compounds
11,364,760 Tandem axle suspension system with fixed keeper and slipper springs
11,364,650 Knife replacement tools and methods of using the same to remove knives from machines
11,364,285 Methods, compositions, and molecular targets that exploit synergies and symbioses in the termite gut
11,364,168 Subject and surgical equipment monitoring systems
11,364,155 Incontinence detection pad validation apparatus and method
11,364,130 Spinal implant system and method
11,364,124 Build-plate with integrally-formed spinal implant constructs and corresponding method for manufacturing spinal implants
11,364,061 Implant positioning devices and methods
11,364,058 Spinal implant system and method
11,364,040 Surgical burring tool
11,363,991 Method and system for analyzing glucose monitoring data indicative of a glucose level and a non-transitory computer readable medium
11,363,816 4-amino-6-(heterocyclic)picolinates and 6-amino-2-(heterocyclic)pyramidine-4-carboxylates and their use as herbicides
11,363,768 Maize cytoplasmic male sterility (CMS) S-type restorer Rf3 gene, molecular markers and their use
D954,959 Strap for compression devices
D954,958 Surgical suction filter
D954,913 Faucet spout
D954,912 Faucet spout
D954,908 Faucet
D954,906 Faucet
D954,905 Faucet
D954,528 Pull
11,363,419 Intelligent location estimation for assets in clinical environments
11,362,200 Enhanced cascade field effect transistor
11,361,954 Systems and methods for conducting reactions and screening for reaction products
11,361,407 Motion correction systems and methods for improving medical image data
11,360,570 System for hand pose detection
11,360,323 Headwear device with visor for eyeglasses
11,359,729 3-way T-flow ball drain valve
11,359,701 Multi-speed transmission
11,359,564 Implementing variable valve actuation on a diesel engine at high-speed idle operation for improved aftertreatment warm-up
11,359,532 Systems and methods for implementing corrections to a reductant delivery system in an exhaust aftertreatment system of an internal combustion engine
11,359,495 Coverage cooling holes
11,359,422 Adjustable dead-latching bolt mechanisms
11,359,402 Variable spring rate chassis
11,358,912 Increased oligomer selectivity from olefin oligomerization by incorporation of boron
11,358,652 Composite floor with integrated conduit
11,358,466 Capless closure for fuel filler pipe
11,358,412 Adjustable portal box assembly
11,358,325 Methods and systems for fabricating elastomer-based electronic devices and devices formed thereby
11,358,298 Knife assemblies for slicing machines and machines equipped therewith
11,358,089 Snap in place natural gas filter
11,357,923 Zero position sensing system for medication delivery device
11,357,901 Surgical suction filter
11,357,837 Implantable matrix having optimum ligand concentrations
11,357,820 GIP/GLP1 agonist compositions
11,357,756 Anesthetic compositions and methods comprising imidazoline compounds
11,357,688 Diagnostic and therapeutic instruments
11,357,683 Foot zone of a mattress
11,357,682 Structures for causing movement of elements of a bed
11,357,660 Implantable medical devices for tissue repositioning
11,357,645 Implant with graded radiopacity calibration feature
11,357,642 Spinal implant system and method
11,357,641 Spinal implant system and method
11,357,578 Surgical instrument and method
11,357,494 Expanding suture anchor having an actuator pin
11,357,432 System and method for non-invasively monitoring autonomic nerve activity
RE49,091 Automatic injection device and a button thereof
D954,260 Surgical retractor
D954,230 Spout
D954,227 Faucet spout
D954,225 Faucet body
D954,223 Faucet handle
D954,222 Faucet handle
D954,221 Faucet handle
D954,220 Faucet handle
D954,219 Faucet handle
D954,218 Faucet handle
D954,217 Faucet handle
D954,216 Faucet handle
D954,215 Faucet handle
D954,214 Faucet handle
D954,213 Faucet handle
D954,212 Faucet handle
D954,211 Faucet body
D954,210 Faucet body
D954,209 Faucet body
D954,208 Faucet body
D954,205 Faucet
D954,204 Faucet
D954,203 Faucet body
D954,202 Faucet
D954,201 Faucet
D954,198 Faucet
D954,197 Faucet
D954,194 Faucet
D954,193 Faucet
D954,192 Faucet
D954,191 Faucet
D954,189 Faucet
D954,188 Faucet
D954,187 Faucet
D954,186 Faucet
D954,185 Faucet
D954,184 Faucet
D954,183 Faucet
11,356,712 Minimizing stall duration tail probability in over-the-top streaming systems
11,356,650 Calibration arrangement for structured light system using a tele-centric lens
11,355,328 Systems and methods for isolating a target ion in an ion trap using a dual frequency waveform
11,353,471 Calibration and/or error detection in an optical measurement device for biological samples
11,353,436 System for accelerated testing of silicone drainage in syringes
11,353,404 Anti-microbial treatment for hardened metallic surfaces
11,353,280 Bow stabilizers
11,353,197 Pole mounted device and method for hanging decorative lights
11,353,089 Epicyclical gear system housing assembly
11,352,999 Separation assembly with a two-piece impulse turbine
11,352,953 Acoustic panel with reinforced lip
11,352,931 Method, engine, and control system for controlling soot loading of exhaust gas aftertreatment components
11,352,923 System and method to mitigate sensor failures due to water condensation
11,352,681 Methods of manufacturing oxide/metal composite components and the components produced therefrom
11,352,632 Tunable transcriptional regulators responsive to environmental triggers
11,352,468 Perfume microcapsules and related film and detergent compositions
11,352,424 Anti-Tim-3 antibodies for combination with anti-PD-1 antibodies
11,352,008 Systems and methods for idle coasting management
11,351,980 Systems and methods for managing engine stop-start
11,351,696 Additive layer method for application of slurry-based features
11,351,634 Inverted directed energy deposition
11,351,489 Retrofittable no filter no run filtration system
11,351,484 Spin-on filter for suction-side and pressure-side applications in filtration systems
11,351,268 FGF21 C-terminal peptide optimization
11,351,251 Anti-PD-L1-anti-TIM-3 bispecific antibodies
11,351,130 Prevention and reversal of inflammation induced DNA damage
11,351,041 Impaction cradle
11,351,021 Quilted implantable graft
11,350,969 Rotatable spinal implant, system, and method
11,350,922 Modular surgical instrument system and method for shank-based retraction and distraction
11,350,920 Modular retractor, system, and method
11,350,822 Status reporting of a structured collection procedure
11,350,821 Ambulatory medical device and method for communication between medical devices
11,350,627 Composite material including a thermoplastic polymer, a pest food material, and a pesticide
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