Patent Office Issues 208 Patents To Indiana Citizens in July 2014

The U.S. Patent Office issued the following 208 patent registrations to persons and businesses in Indiana in July 2014, based on applications filed by Indiana patent attorneys:

PAT. NO. Title
D709,765 Shaker lid 
8792221 Electrical protection circuitry for a docking station base of a hand held meter and method thereof 
8791790 System and method for accessing a structure using a mobile device 
8791342 Soybean cultivar 21202 
8791340 Soybean cultivar 76983 
8791333 Soybean variety 20872NNR2Y 
8791193 Non-black rubber membranes 
8791135 Nonpeptide HIV-1 protease inhibitors 
8791048 Herbicidal compositions comprising 4-amino-3-chloro-5-fluoro-6-(4-chloro-2-fluoro-3-methoxyphenyl)
pyridine-2-carboxylic acid or a derivative thereof and clomazone 

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8790932 Method for providing a dried reagent in a microfluidic system and microfluidic system 
8790904 Process for preparing enriched glucan biomass materials 
8790699 Foam-formed collagen strand 
8790677 Device and method for the vacuum infusion of a porous medical implant 
8790659 SlpA as a tool for recombinant protein and enzyme technology 
8790519 Liquid separation from adipose tissue 
8790414 Graft for hysterotomy closure 
8790413 Orthopaedic implant sleeve and method 
8790402 Composite device that combines porous metal and bone stimuli 
8790379 Flexible plate fixation of bone fractures 
8790376 Bone plate having combination locking and compression screw holes 
8790345 Titanium alloy with oxidized zirconium for a prosthetic implant 
8790309 Modular hemostatic valve 
8790215 System, method, and apparatus for controlling power output distribution in a hybrid power train 
8789807 Quick disconnect actuator mounting 
8789756 Test element coding apparatuses,
systems and methods 
8789426 System and method of measuring quasi-static force with a piezoelectric sensor 
8789363 Emission abatement assembly having a mixing baffle and associated method 
8789259 Method of winding a stator core with a continuous conductor having a rectangular cross-section and a stator core 
8789250 Method of forming sheet metal casket shell 
8788476 Method and system of triggering a search request 
8788424 Method of setting transmission shift points in real-time based upon an engine performance curve 
8788279 Information management and communications system for communication between patients and healthcare providers 
8788155 Optimized bank penetration system 
8787711 Transceiver and interface for IC package 
8787633 System and method of organism identification 
8787521 System and method of iterative image reconstruction for computed tomography 
8787469 Method for codebook design and beamforming vector selection in per-user unitary rate control (PU2RC)
8786262 Systems and methods for synchronous power generation 
8786158 Continuously formed annular laminated article and method for its manufacture 
8786078 Vehicles, power electronics modules and cooling apparatuses with single-phase and two-phase surface enhancement features 
8785846 Systems and methods for analyzing a sample 
8785754 Inbred corn line SLN55 
8785753 Hybrid corn variety 1692667 
8785752 Hybrid corn variety 1693842 
8785747 Hybrid corn variety 122971 
8785745 Cotton variety PHY565WRF 
8785744 Soybean cultivar 1000731 
8785743 Soybean cultivar 1000745 
8785742 Soybean cultivar 1000729 
8785731 Canola plants with high oleic and low linolenic 
8785728 AAD-12 event 1606 and related transgenic soybean lines 
8785650 Methods for preparing 3-substituted-6-trifluoromethyl pyridines and methods for using 6-trichloromethyl halogenated pyridines 
8785612 Sugarcane bacilliform viral (SCBV) enhancer and its use in plant functional genomics 
8785480 Functionalized pyridine N-oxides and processes for the preparation of the same 
8785479 Macrocyclic picolinamides as fungicides 
8785465 Pesticidal pyrimidine compounds 
8785404 Urea compounds 
8785379 Pesticide compositions exhibiting enhanced activity 
8785351 Herbicidal compositions containing bentazon and ALS inhibitor and ACCase inhibitor 
8784890 Methods for producing ECM-based biomaterials 
8784889 Graft with increased resistance to enzymatic degradation 
8784863 Particulate cadaveric allogenic cartilage system 
8784818 Anti-VEGFR-3 antibody compositions 
8784602 Balloon catheter for delivering a therapeutic agent 
8784489 Method and apparatus for graft fixation 
8784474 Emergency vascular repair system and method 
8784430 Nail cap cannula 
8784420 Surgical instruments for cutting elongated elements and methods of use 
8784382 Hollow curved superelastic medical needle and method 
8784050 Aggregate vane assembly 
8783716 Pivot foot for trailer jack 
8783605 Flight vehicle, propulsion system and thrust vectoring system 
8783528 Slide gate for casting operations 
8783470 Method and apparatus for producing autologous thrombin 
8783392 Tracked mobility device 
8783102 Protective container for holding reusable diagnostic components 
8783047 Rack-aisle freezing system for palletized product 
8783030 System for controlling an air handling system including an electric pump-assisted turbocharger compressor 
8783017 System, method, and apparatus to engage alternate reductant in a NO.sub.x reduction system 
8782873 Loading apparatus and method for expandable intraluminal medical devices 
D709,135 Infant development toy 
D709,036 Connector 
8782069 Method and system of providing a search tool 
8781708 Systems, devices and methods for detecting engine idling and reporting same 
8781664 System, method, and apparatus for controlling power output distribution in a hybrid power train 
8781550 Communication protocol that supports structured collection procedures used in diabetes care 
8780513 Reverse battery cutoff circuit for an actuator or the like 
8779924 Nurse call system with additional status board 
8779131 6-fluoro-3-phenyl-2-[1-(9H-purin-6-ylamino)-ethyl]-3H-quinazolin-4-one as an inhibitor of human phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase delta 
8778984 Aldosterone synthase inhibitor 
8778946 3-substituted-6-(pyridinylmethoxy)-pyrrolopyridine compounds 
8778887 Therapeutic uses of soluble alpha-Klotho 
8778872 Amide based glucagon superfamily peptide prodrugs 
8778696 Processing units and methods for the processing of liquid samples 
8778648 Enzymes for reduced immunological stress 
8778487 Tape 
8778362 Anti-tumor/cancer heterologous acellular collagenous preparations and uses thereof 
8778360 Extracellular matrix cancer vaccine adjuvant 
8778281 Sample preparation dosing unit 
8778063 Coiled and microchannel heat exchangers for metal hydride storage systems 
8778011 Soft crowns 
8777998 Pediatric long bone support or fixation plate 
8777956 Chondral defect repair 
8777904 Systems and methods for engaging heart tissue 
8777873 Wire guide having a rib for coil attachment 
8777872 Diagnostic system for determining substance concentrations in liquid samples 
8777846 Endoscopic imaging device 
8777537 Fastener with shear bushing 
8777126 Consolidated ground level control station for a crop sprayer 
8777050 Vent assembly for collapsible storage tank 
8777046 Drink cup with rolled brim 
8776817 Electronic faucet with a capacitive sensing system and a method therefor 
8776753 Dual synchronized starter motors 
8776716 Surgical mesh spray and delivery system 
8776527 Techniques to reduce infrared detection of a gas turbine engine 
8776525 Gas turbine engine and combustor 
8776508 Passive valve assembly with negative start angle 
8776416 Lock for frame 
8776346 Production and application of biodegradable sediment control device 
8776284 Moveable bed system 
D708,580 Connector 
8775961 Methods, systems and computer readable media for modifying parameters of a configuration file 
8775877 Dynamic link library integrity checking for handheld medical devices 
8775495 Compression system and method for accelerating sparse matrix computations 
8775352 Methods and apparatus to model end-to-end class of service policies in networks 
8775233 Telecom environment management operating system and method 
8775095 Methods and apparatus for decentralized diabetes monitoring 
8775041 System for selecting a transmission economy-based shift schedule 
8774889 Patient monitoring system with efficient pattern matching algorithm 
8774756 Devices and methods for signal sharing 
8773257 Skin-patch type infusion pump comprising a resonant buzzer 
8772710 Low temperature plasma probe and methods of use thereof 
8772496 Intermediate and process useful in the preparation of {2-[1-(3,5-bis-trifluoromethyl-benzyl)-5-pyridin-4-yl-1H-[1,2,3]triazol-4-
8772486 Iridium-based complexes for ECL 
8772282 Tetrahydropyrrolothiazine compounds 
8772034 Control solution packets and methods for calibrating bodily fluid sampling devices 
8771961 Monitoring myocardial infarction and its treatment 
8771938 Microfluidic platforms for multi-target detection 
8771793 Vacuum assisted slot die coating techniques 
8771719 Synthesis of a bone-polymer composite material 
8771708 Biologically-active radiolabeled Cry1Fa and receptor binding assay methods 
8771369 Surface modification of ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene 
8771364 Tibial tray having a reinforcing member 
8771362 Variable angle humeral components 
8771358 Expandable push-in arcuate orthopedic implant 
8771352 Method and apparatus for tibial fixation of an ACL graft 
8771340 Methods and devices for the endoluminal deployment and securement of prostheses 
8771338 Intralumenally-implantable frames 
8771336 Endoluminal prosthesis comprising a valve replacement and at least one fenestration 
8771321 Method for loading a spinal implant 
8771317 Interspinous process implant and method of implantation 
8771316 Method and apparatus for coupling anatomical features 
8771293 Medical devices with detachable pivotable jaws 
8771280 Femoral cut guide 
8771199 Full core biopsy needle with secondary cutting cannula 
8771123 Reversible planetary gear assembly 
8770510 Reel flange having an inclined interior surface 
8770482 Apparatus and method to administer and manage an intelligent base unit for a handheld medical device 
8770481 Ballistic nomograph for small arms fire 
8770082 Pressurized fluid delivery system and method of use 
8770018 Variator fault detection system 
8769959 Nozzle with an adjustable throat 
D708,402 Breather cap for use in connection with a watering assembly 
D708,145 Connector 
8768934 Method and system of providing verified content 
8768014 System and method for identifying a person with reference to a sclera image 
8767957 Communication encryption method and device 
8766804 System for monitoring caregivers and equipment 
8766803 Dynamic data collection 
8766602 Self protecting pre-charge circuit 
8766490 System and method for monitoring operation of switch elements 
8766178 Discontinuous atmospheric pressure interface 
8766036 Hybrid corn variety 1669417 
8765960 6-((S)-1-
H-1,3-benzothiazol-2-one as a tarp-gamma 8 dependent AMPA receptor antagonist 
8765950 Reagents for biomolecular labeling, detection and quantification employing raman spectroscopy 
8765697 Pesticide compositions exhibiting enhanced activity 
8765482 Method and apparatus for lighted test strip 
8765167 Uniform films for rapid-dissolve dosage form incorporating anti-tacking compositions 
8765165 Particulate cartilage system 
8765129 Anti-hepcidin antibodies and uses thereof 
8765096 Methods and compositions for treating and diagnosing kidney disease 
8765058 Exchangeable consumable with integrated air filter 
8764840 Tibial prosthesis 
8764838 Tibial bearing component for a knee prosthesis with improved articular characteristics 
8764832 Anterior hybrid implant 
8764813 Gradually self-expanding stent 
8764804 Bone fastener and methods of use 
8764791 Implantable graft to close a fistula 
8764774 Clip system having tether segments for closure 
8764772 Occlusion device 
8764768 Stapling device for closing perforations 
8764760 Patient-specific bone-cutting guidance instruments and methods 
8764755 Method for using a guard for creating a socket posteriorly in the lumbar spine 
8764727 Reinforced rapid exchange catheter 
8764712 Micro-needle array and method of use thereof 
8764705 Balloon with integral segmented dilation elements 
8764688 Therapeutic method and apparatus using mechanically induced vibration 
8764679 Biopsy apparatus 
8764387 Aggregate vane assembly 
8764386 Bypass system for purging air from a submersible pump 
8764122 Wheel locking cap with live hinges 
8763960 Arcuate saddles with rounded corners 
8763936 Nozzle assembly and methods related thereto 
8763910 Durable RFID tag 
8763859 Squeeze tube 
8763830 Tamper-evident closure having tamper-indicating pilfer band with projections and package including the tamper-evident closure 
8763424 Subcooling heat exchanger adapted for evaporator distribution lines in a refrigeration circuit 
8763404 Systems, apparatuses, and methods of harnessing thermal energy of gas turbine engines 

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