Patent Office Issues 223 Patents To Indiana Citizens in September 2015

The U.S. Patent Office issued the following 223 patent registrations to persons and businesses in Indiana in September 2015, based on applications filed by Indiana patent attorneys:

PAT. NO. Title
D739,945 Blood glucose meter
D739,920 Valve
D739,723 Container
9,148,986 Multi-curved, unibody fiberglass touchscreen kiosk with interchangeable component cages
9,146,135 Meter display during power interruption
9,146,070 Modular adjustable cam stop arrangement
9,145,938 Metal matrix composite
9,145,566 Renewable engine fuel and method of producing same
9,145,451 Glucagon superfamily peptides exhbiting G protein coupled receptor activity
9,145,437 Urea compounds

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9,145,435 Urea compounds
9,145,428 Methods and systems for forming boronic acids and intermediates thereof
9,145,251 Package
9,145,213 Gas turbine engine configuration interface
9,144,619 Medical instrument sterilization system and method
9,144,527 Stretcher seat section articulation mechanisms and methods
9,144,510 Systems and methods for deploying a portion of a stent using at least one coiled member
9,144,503 Expandable spinal implant system and method
9,144,496 Inserter connection member
9,144,459 Endoscopic ultrasound ablation needle
9,144,439 Vertebral rods and methods of use
9,144,428 Apparatus and methods for maintaining a force upon tissue using a loop member
9,144,372 Surgical adapter assembly for use with endoscope
9,144,365 Dishwashing system
9,144,310 Apparatus for connecting modular office furniture components
9,144,241 Synergistic pesticidal compositions and related methods
9,144,239 Macrocyclic picolinamides as fungicides
D739,613 Door frame and split door for an animal enclosure
D739,596 Rear marker lamp bezel for a recreational vehicle
D739,503 Valve
D739,502 Valve
D739,270 Wall mounted temperature monitoring device
9,142,923 Hospital bed having wireless data and locating capability
9,142,752 Low frequency broad band ultrasonic transducers
9,141,834 Ultrasonic identification of replaceable component for host system
9,141,757 Performance data user interface
9,141,105 Method and apparatus for monitoring or controlling a machine tool system
9,140,907 Contact lens
9,140,853 All silicon optical transistor
9,140,713 Method for operating an automated sample workcell
9,140,709 Analytical sandwich test for determining NT-proBNP
9,140,632 Handling of sample tubes comprising geometric tube data
9,140,327 End member assemblies and gas spring assemblies including same
9,140,301 Machine guideways
9,140,209 Rankine cycle waste heat recovery system
9,140,203 Apparent plumbing volume of air intake and fresh airflow value determination
9,140,035 Lock devices, systems and methods
9,139,848 Alfalfa variety named magnum salt
9,139,844 Combined use of Cry1Ca and Cry1Ab proteins for insect resistance management
9,139,572 Compounds, methods, complexes,
apparatuses and uses relating to stabile forms of NAD/NADH
9,139,500 Selective dehydrohalogenation of tertiary halogenated hydrocarbons and removal of tertiary halogenated hydrocarbon impurities from a halogenated hydrocarbon product
9,139,097 Safety cover with integrated magnet for reed switch
9,138,938 Vent assembly for collapsible storage tank
9,138,754 Adjustable firefighting nozzle
9,138,671 Inertial gas-liquid separator and porous collection substrate for use in inertial gas-liquid separator
9,138,664 Buoy fractionation system
9,138,534 Positive displacement pump
9,138,531 Device, a system and a method for identification/authentication of parts of a medical device
9,138,484 Conjugates containing hydrophilic spacer linkers
9,138,445 Medical graft materials with adherent extracellular matrix fibrous mass
9,138,444 Dried collagenous biomaterial medical device
9,138,338 Two-stage method of compressing a stent
9,138,324 Expandable spinal implant system and method
9,138,318 Apparatus for forming an implant
9,138,307 Expandable device for treatment of a stricture in a body vessel
9,138,290 Method of ablating arterial plaque
9,138,278 Suprapatellar system and method
9,138,273 Guide assembly for lateral implants and associated methods
9,138,260 Multi-locking external fixation clamp
9,138,259 External tibial mill guide and method of use
9,138,209 Annulus repair system
9,138,179 Flexible lancet
9,138,173 System for bed and patient mobility device interoperability
9,137,999 Pesticidal copper compositions and methods for using the same
9,137,998 Pesticidal compositions and related methods
9,137,994 Synergistic weed control from applications of aminocyclopyrachlor and triclopyr
9,137,992 Spinosyn-producing polyketide synthases
9,137,987 Moderated release aquatic herbicide formulations
9,137,961 Hybrid corn variety 1104361
9,137,960 Canola G2X0062A/B
D739,073 Rear light bezel for a recreational vehicle
D739,011 Automatic injection device
D738,993 Tub
D738,732 Bottle with cap
9,137,887 Via structure for transmitting differential signals
9,136,939 Graphical user interface pertaining to a bolus calculator residing on a handheld diabetes management device
9,136,938 Communication method and system that uses low latency/low data bandwidth and high latency/high data bandwidth pathways
9,136,441 Flexible lighting device
9,136,083 Enclosed bus bar fuse holder
9,135,799 Theft detection in HVAC unit having persistent alarm
9,134,600 Large screen display drive mechanism and truss
9,134,489 Optical engine for active optical cable
9,134,332 Instrument and process for the automated processing of liquid samples
9,134,318 Detection of oxidized polypeptides
9,134,200 Motor vehicle chassis sensor
9,133,945 Pressure regulator for watering system
9,133,929 Main modulation calibration using control main valve
9,133,924 Split power infinitely variable transmission architecture
9,133,801 Fuel injector with injection control valve spring preload adjustment device
9,133,770 Fuel nozzle enclosure
9,133,759 Systems, devices and methods for providing airflow to an air compressor
9,133,744 Vehicle exhaust gas treatment apparatus
9,133,622 Fortified flashing laminate
9,133,541 Article including environmental barrier coating system
9,133,329 Water-soluble film having blend of PVOH polymers, and packets made therefrom
9,132,888 Boat hull
9,132,725 Vehicle and hybrid drive system
9,132,260 Therapeutic agent delivery device with a dual balloon having distal taper apertures
9,132,194 Medical devices and methods comprising an adhesive sheet containing a drug depot
9,132,085 Compositions and methods for treating post-operative pain using clonidine and bupivacaine
9,132,065 Enteral feeding percutaneous access clip
9,132,054 Universal casket ornament attachment mechanism and method
9,132,051 Person support apparatuses with exercise functionalities
9,132,024 Trigger wire activation lever
9,132,014 Anterior cruciate ligament substituting knee implants
9,131,975 Nerve and soft tissue ablation device
9,131,959 Splittable dilator delivery system
9,131,955 Anesthesia in bone joints
9,131,933 Surgical retractor and method of use
9,131,886 Apparatus for acquiring and analyzing a blood sample
9,131,855 Multiparameter whole blood monitor and method
9,131,780 Topper with preferential fluid flow distribution
9,131,725 Gene and variations associate with BM1 phenotype, molecular markers, and their use
9,131,696 Herbicidal compositions comprising fluroxypyr and flumetsulam
9,131,694 Insecticidal pyridine compounds
9,131,690 Macrocyclic picolinamides as fungicides
9,131,653 Hybrid corn variety 2453832
D738,565 Marker lamp bezel for a recreational vehicle
D738,564 Marker lamp bezel for a recreational vehicle
D738,474 Tub
D738,468 Faucet handle
D738,186 Swordfish electronic lock exterior escutcheon
D738,148 Lounge
D738,069 Equipment vest
9,130,742 Key agreement in wireless networks with active adversaries
9,130,439 Method of flaring stator windings
9,130,434 Induction rotor end ring support device
9,130,430 Electric machine with fully enclosed in-slot conductors
9,130,421 L-shaped sheet metal cooling jacket with stamped bearing support
9,130,362 Connector member including a locking element
9,130,313 Center conductor with surrounding shield and edge card connector with same
9,130,258 Dielectric waveguide filter with direct coupling and alternative cross-coupling
9,130,257 Dielectric waveguide filter with structure and method for adjusting bandwidth
9,130,256 Dielectric waveguide filter with direct coupling and alternative cross-coupling
9,130,255 Dielectric waveguide filter with direct coupling and alternative cross-coupling
9,129,786 Systems and methods for analyzing a sample
9,129,782 Ion mobility spectrometer and method of operating same
9,129,457 Electronic door lock with modular components
9,129,450 System and method for accessing a structure using a mobile device
9,129,350 Systems and methods to analyze an immunoassay test strip comb member
9,128,684 Tablet case
9,128,069 Analysis system and computer implemented method for analyzing biological samples
9,128,066 System and method for analyzing a body fluid
9,127,840 Methods and devices for producing fire tinder
9,127,807 Modular item holder with V-support and finger anchor block
9,127,770 Tuned fluid seal
9,127,737 Unreinforced elastomeric spring wall, gas spring and method
9,127,636 Variable flux starter and switch system
9,127,484 Lever droop adjuster for a door latch actuator
9,127,480 Lock cylinder and key combination
9,127,477 Latch
9,127,460 Thermoplastic flashing laminate
9,127,289 Herbicide resistance genes
9,127,088 Glucagon superfamily peptides exhibiting nuclear hormone receptor activity
9,126,974 Processes for the preparation of pesticidal compounds
9,126,886 Selective dehydrohalogenation of tertiary halogenated hydrocarbons and removal of tertiary halogenated hydrocarbon impurities from a halogenated hydrocarbon product
9,126,726 Closure with application guide
9,126,305 Shot peening flow rate control
9,126,257 Method of forming sheet metal casket shell
9,126,135 V-bank air filtration system such as for animal confinement
9,126,022 Textile-reinforced high-pressure balloon
9,125,917 Fluocinolone formulations in a biodegradable polymer carrier
9,125,902 Methods for treating an intervertebral disc using local analgesics
9,125,801 Visual inflation/deflation indicator for a balloon catheter
9,125,785 Patient support apparatuses with exercise functionalities
9,125,765 Implant deployment restraint device
9,125,762 Prosthesis compressing arrangement
9,125,750 Methods of using a vertebral body replacement device
9,125,702 Acetabular drill pin
9,125,418 Agricultural compositions
9,125,412 Stable insecticide compositions and methods for producing same
9,125,339 Agriculturally active product
D737,941 Faucet spout
D737,774 Three prong plug
D737,682 Container
D737,657 Swordfish electronic lock interior escutcheon
9,124,308 Furniture with wireless power
9,122,958 Object recognition or detection based on verification tests
9,122,566 Robotic material handling system
9,122,013 Variable transmission window
9,121,883 Magnetic tampering detection and correction in a utility meter
9,121,452 Torsional couplers
9,121,380 Starter machine system and method
9,121,351 Gas turbine engine accessory system
9,121,329 Tailpipe diffuser
9,121,315 Passive valve with stop pad
9,120,793 Triazolo-pyridine compound
9,120,766 Methods of making cocrystals
9,120,655 Gear reduction assembly and winch including gear reduction assembly
9,120,422 Multiple headlamp adjuster linkage
9,120,363 Gas spring end members as well as gas spring and gas damper assemblies including same
9,120,112 Metered liquid dispensing bottle
9,120,095 Apparatus and method for separating and concentrating a component of a fluid
9,119,944 Device for treating hardened lesions and method of use thereof
9,119,910 Holographic occlusion detection system for infusion pumps
9,119,901 Surface treatments for promoting selective tissue attachment to medical impants
9,119,829 Methods and compositions for delivering interleukin-1 receptor antagonist
9,119,743 Introducer for deploying an implant
9,119,742 Prosthesis delivery and deployment device
9,119,740 Introducer sheath
9,119,712 Medical devices, systems, and kits for the medialization of a vocal cord
9,119,685 Surgical instrument and method
9,119,683 Interspinous implant with overlapping arms
9,119,672 Flexible spinal stabilization element and system
9,119,643 Method and apparatus for performing a less invasive shoulder procedure
9,119,622 Methods and apparatuses for reshaping the esophagus and other body lumens
9,119,614 Suture retention device
9,119,609 Rotating cell collection device
9,119,605 Synthetic polymer adhesives and methods for making, using and delivering the same
9,119,581 Tape magazine for a hand-held device
9,119,564 Method of sizing internal body structure, and mechanism and system for same
9,119,531 Visualization catheter periscope
9,119,397 Herbicidal compositions comprising 4-amino-3-chloro-5-fluoro-6-(4-chloro-2-fluoro-3-methoxyphenyl)pyridine-2-
-carboxylic acid or a derivative thereof and microtubule inhibiting herbicides
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