Patent Office Issues 245 Patents To Indiana Citizens in June 2020

The U.S. Patent Office issued the following 245 patent registrations to persons and businesses in Indiana in June 2020, based on applications filed by Indiana patent attorneys:

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Patent No. Title
RE048069 Fire-fighting monitor with remote control
D0888670 Cable connectors
D0888611 Buckle cover
D0888536 Compact electronic lock
   10,698,429 Electronic user interface for electronic mixing of water for residential faucets
   10,697,701 Method and apparatus to prevent electronic device screen damage

   10,697,628 Faucet illumination device
   10,697,607 Thin aspect lighting system with cutoff
   10,697,526 Variator
   10,697,520 Planetary wheel drive using bushings
   10,697,370 Oil supply assembly for gas turbine engine
   10,697,356 Multi-turbocharger connection with heat exchanger
   10,697,344 Systems and methods for determining differential and relative pressure using a controller
   10,697,342 Resonant mixers for reducing reductant deposits
   10,697,332 Eccentric hydraulic lash adjuster for use with compression release brake
   10,697,320 Piezoelectric vibratory control for static engine components
   10,697,316 Apparatus and method for measuring turbine temperature
   10,697,315 Full hoop blade track with keystoning segments
   10,697,314 Turbine shroud with I-beam construction
   10,697,227 Keyed removable mullion
   10,697,213 Animal crate with swing or drop door assembly
   10,697,205 Vehicle door latch device
   10,696,809 Polymeric material for an insulated container
   10,696,726 Insulin-incretin conjugates
   10,696,665 Mutant IDH1 inhibitors
   10,696,534 Liquid dispenser
   10,696,530 Fluid transfer assembly and methods of fluid transfer
   10,696,529 Internally locking funnel assembly for container with plastic press-in closure
   10,696,463 Closure for container
   10,696,460 Powdered pouch and method of making same
   10,696,215 Safety brake light module and method of engaging a safety brake light
   10,696,044 Aqueous ink composition
   10,696,008 Textile material joining technique
   10,695,783 System control based on acoustic signals
   10,695,252 Patient positioning support structure
   10,695,247 Patient support with an air permeable layer and a support layer, with inflation and deflation of the support layer controlled in response to pressure sensed at a pressure sensing layer
   10,695,205 Systems and methods for securing and releasing a portion of a stent
   10,695,182 Compression resistant implants including an oxysterol and methods of use
   10,695,171 Stent structures for use with valve replacements
   10,695,158 Implantable medical device with improved orientation
   10,695,107 Spinal implant system and methods of use
   10,695,103 Motion control and vertebral fixation device
   10,695,102 Spinal implant system and methods of use
   10,695,100 Spinal implant system and methods of use
   10,695,077 Systems and methods for guiding anchors for facet fixation
   10,695,052 Method and apparatus for coupling soft tissue to a bone
   10,695,045 Method and apparatus for attaching soft tissue to bone
   10,695,026 Device for three-dimensional, internal ultrasound with rotating transducer and rotating reflector
   10,694,984 Test method and test drive for analysing a body fluid
   10,694,703 Hybrid corn variety 66712011
   10,694,702 Hybrid corn variety 28440503
RE048058 Intervertebral implant
RE048057 Pesticidal compositions and related methods
PP031899 Lilac plant named `GARlisabzar`
D0888202 Shower arm
D0888201 Faucet handle
D0887758 Conference table
D0887700 Rod holder packaging
   10,693,412 Surgical power tool with critical error handler
   10,693,367 Pre-charging circuit for power converters
   10,692,590 Method for conducting adaptive clinical trial with drug delivery device
   10,691,308 Controlling the display of a dataset
   10,690,817 Ultra-thin, planar, plasmonic metadevices
   10,690,634 Ultrasonic measurement and determination of crystallographic texture with respect to position
   10,690,618 Electrode arrangements for electrochemical test elements and methods for use thereof
   10,690,617 Systems and methods for electrochemical ketone detection and measurement
   10,690,604 Sensors and methods of identifying a gas, and levitated spin-optomechanical systems
   10,690,105 Starter system having controlling relay switch
   10,689,991 Turbine wheel with clamped blade attachment
   10,689,984 Cast gas turbine engine cooling components
   10,689,878 Portable barrier
   10,689,847 Lath and drainage
   10,689,835 Spring adjustable handle for faucet valve assembly
   10,689,818 Surrogate for metal guardrail
   10,689,462 Therapeutic and imaging compositions and uses thereof
   10,689,425 Collagen-binding synthetic peptidoglycans, preparation, and methods of use
   10,689,392 Anti-cancer compounds targeting ral GTPases and methods of using the same
   10,689,299 Method for making ceramic matrix composite articles
   10,689,158 Closure
   10,689,082 Mechanically and electrically distributed propulsion
   10,688,972 Manually-operable hydraulic stabilizing system
   10,688,839 Nose box insert for monitoring and fault detection in a truck trailer
   10,688,719 Methods and apparatus for processing and dispensing material during additive manufacturing
   10,688,714 Methods and systems for fabricating elastomer-based electronic devices and devices formed thereby
   10,688,486 Systems and methods for controlling excessive fluid flow in a cassette designed to receive a fluid sample
   10,688,430 Cleanable filter
   10,688,426 Methods and apparatuses for separating liquid particles from a gas-liquid stream
   10,688,423 Filter leak path prevention via interference pin
   10,688,422 Fluid quality monitoring and filtration system
   10,688,222 Lyophilized moldable implants containing an oxysterol
   10,688,219 Quilted implantable graft
   10,688,192 Cleavable conjugates of antibiotics and an antibacterial cell-penetrating peptide
   10,688,104 Combination therapy with Notch and PD-1 or PD-L1 inhibitors
   10,688,007 Compression device
   10,687,982 One-step tympanostomy tube and method for inserting same
   10,687,974 Devices for treating bruxism
   10,687,947 Augments and methods for implanting hip prostheses
   10,687,880 Bone material dispensing system with locking member
   10,687,879 Bone material dispensing device
   10,687,875 Rib reconstruction device
   10,687,862 Spinal implant connector and methods
   10,687,858 Spinal implant system and methods of use
   10,687,852 Separable instrument driver handle
   10,687,833 Ultrasound catheter
   10,687,831 Reamer and guide for glenoid augment preparation
   10,687,803 Method and apparatus for coupling soft tissue to a bone
   10,687,568 Surgical helmet
PP031875 Rhubarb plant named `GARrusarsabzar`
PP031861 Floribunda rose plant named `WEKjucistwe`
PP031860 Floribunda rose plant named `WEKebtigrad`
D0887530 Faucet handle
D0887503 Exercise device
D0887420 Electronic device with graphical user interface for continuous blood glucose values and associated data
D0887218 Creamer caddy
   10,685,142 External resource control of mobile devices
   10,684,542 Projection screen system
   10,684,299 Method and system for quality evaluation of a handheld analytical device
   10,684,297 In-vitro diagnostic analysis method and system
   10,684,291 Biomarkers for risk assessment and treatment monitoring in heart failure patients guided by natriuretic peptides
   10,684,245 Electrode arrangements for electrochemical test elements
   10,684,149 System and method of measuring turbine vane cooling air consumption during engine operation
   10,684,091 Compressed gas personal protection device
   10,683,866 Air injection for an axial compressor with radially outer annulus
   10,683,828 Mounting bracket
   10,683,799 Fuel injector cleaning system, fluid, and method
   10,683,787 Automotive exhaust aftertreatment system having onboard ammonia reactor with hybrid heating
   10,683,772 Intercooling for an axial compressor with radially outer annulus
   10,683,770 Turbine shroud assembly having ceramic matrix composite track segments with metallic attachment features
   10,683,764 Modified atmosphere melt infiltration
   10,683,762 Gas engine component with cooling passages in wall
   10,683,579 Systems and methods for producing metal clusters; functionalized surfaces; and droplets including solvated metal ions
   10,683,517 Cry1D for controlling corn earworm
   10,683,513 Tissue-specific expression and hybrid plant production
   10,683,482 Stem cell conditioned media and methods of using the same
   10,683,334 Aqueously soluble and chemically stable glucagon peptides
   10,683,224 Sludge separation device and method for its use
   10,682,906 Connector system for fuel hose and filler pipe
   10,682,601 Rotating coalescing element with directed liquid drainage and gas outlet
   10,682,596 Apparatuses, systems and methods for providing filter recognition
   10,682,263 Apparatus for the detection of moisture
   10,682,172 Electrochemical protection of conducting circuit in the body of a patient
   10,681,908 Molecules having pesticidal utility, and intermediates, compositions, and processes, related thereto
   10,681,904 Techniques for maintaining palatability of a bait material in a pest control device
10681891 Soybean variety BR33576499
D0886885 Security information capture device
D0886544 Drawer organizer
D0886543 Drawer organizer
   10,681,615 Predictive rate limiting for reliable bluetooth low energy connections
   10,680,543 Synchronous electrical power distribution system startup and control
   10,680,088 Tunnel field effect transistor having anisotropic effective mass channel
   10,679,273 Product clarity score and channel tagging
   10,677,809 Rotatable cartridge with multiple metering chambers
   10,677,722 Photothermal imaging device and system
   10,677,570 Ruggedized holder
   10,677,350 Method of controlling transmission range in response to a loss of communication with an engine and system thereof
   10,677,231 Systems and methods for purging an exhaust reductant delivery system
   10,677,195 Engine driven by Sc0.sub.2 cycle with independent shafts for combustion cycle elements and propulsion elements
   10,677,175 Ventilation controls for dual-fuel engines
   10,677,166 Heat exchanger for a gas turbine engine propulsion system
   10,677,119 Systems and methods for reducing the oil volume and windage in fuel pumps
   10,676,974 Overtravel hinge
   10,676,963 Electronic lock with selectable power off function
   10,676,757 IRDIG17912 insecticidal Cry toxins
   10,676,745 Nucleic acid molecules that confer resistance to coleopteran pests
   10,676,504 Method for preparing largazole analogs and uses thereof
   10,676,487 Synthesis and composition of photodynamic therapeutic agents for the targeted treatment of cancer
   10,676,332 Setup and control of a wireless lift system
   10,676,258 Child-resistant, flip-top closure
   10,676,246 Closure for container
   10,676,244 Squeeze tube and method of making a squeeze tube
   10,676,198 Distributed propulsion systems
   10,676,167 Boat lift
   10,676,077 Systems and methods of energy management and control of vehicle accessories
   10,676,036 Weapon mounting system
   10,676,011 Logistic rail assembly for a composite panel
   10,675,779 Methods and apparatuses for curing concrete
   10,675,512 Technologies for a sport ball and for evaluation of handling a sport ball
   10,675,372 Vapor generation and distribution devices, systems, and methods
   10,675,330 Injectable bone morphogenetic protein
   10,675,203 Sterile limb connectors and methods
   10,675,163 Stent with a crush-resistant zone
   10,675,155 Expandable spinal implant system and method
   10,675,153 Tibial prosthesis with tibial bearing component securing feature
   10,675,140 Introducer for deploying a stent graft in a curved lumen and stent graft therefor
   10,675,074 Porous fixation devices and methods
   10,675,073 Method and apparatus for sternal closure
   10,675,067 Variable angle locking insert for intramedullary nail
   10,675,065 Bone screw extender reattachment system and methods
   10,675,057 Variable stiffness cannulae and associated delivery systems and methods
   10,674,695 Soybean variety OT22542609
RE048021 Lock for an automatic injection device
RE048020 Automatic injection device
PP031836 Crape myrtle plant named `GARzarnobewater`
PP031835 Crape myrtle plant named `GARzarnobefu`
PP031834 Crape myrtle plant named `GARzarnobemagen`
PP031829 Buddleia plant named `PODARASNGA1` lindleyana)
D0886354 Light fixture
D0886244 Faucet spout
D0886242 Faucet handle
D0886156 Two-stage engine charge air system with branch conduits
D0886066 Securement member of electrical connector
   10,674,588 Device with lighting, location and communication services
   10,674,166 Method and system for scalable video streaming
   10,674,043 Color table compression
   10,673,993 Communication protocols for electronic locks
   10,672,515 Hazard based assessment patterns
   10,672,252 Water sensor
   10,671,098 System, method, and apparatus for balancing an HVAC system
   10,670,772 Metamaterial device and method of making the same
   10,670,620 Pipetting device and pipetting device positioning system
   10,670,615 Systems and methods for interference correction from hemoglobin variants
   10,670,581 Nanobubbles
   10,670,473 Sensor with integral vortex tube for warming
   10,670,060 Reinforced soft substrate with hardcoat
   10,669,956 Fuel type prediction from mass flow measurements and thermal conductivity sensor
   10,669,772 Anti-float systems and methods
   10,669,702 Magnetic coupling for sprayheads
   10,669,633 Apparatus for vapor deposition of dielectric wire coating
   10,669,572 Ultra-sensitive multi-target lateral flow molecular assay with field-induced precipitation
   10,669,554 Production of DHA and other LC PUFAs in plants
   10,669,551 Zinc finger nuclease-mediated homologous recombination
   10,669,404 Functionalized cellulose nanocrystal materials and methods of preparation
   10,669,237 4-((6-bromopyridin-3-yl)oxy)benzonitrile and processes of preparation
   10,669,203 System and method for manufacturing asphalt products with recycled asphalt shingles
   10,669,158 Methods of synthesizing chabazite zeolites with controlled aluminum distribution and structures made therefrom
   10,668,892 Vehicle seat with dual shoulder strap seat belts
   10,668,788 Side mounted sliding window
   10,668,664 Systems and methods for printing components using additive manufacturing
   10,668,657 Machine and method for forming articles
   10,668,414 Intake bypass flow management systems and methods
   10,668,357 Single finger golf glove
   10,668,240 Acoustical guidance and monitoring system
   10,668,127 Method and composition for synchronizing time of insemination
   10,668,098 Oral sorbent for removing toxins of kidney failure combining anion and cation exchangers
   10,667,975 Single and dual column patient positioning support structure
   10,667,927 Expandable fusion cage system
   10,667,925 Adjustable interbody fusion device and method of use
   10,667,923 Sacro-iliac joint implant system and method
   10,667,919 Anterior cruciate ligament substituting knee implants
   10,667,915 Spinal spacing implant, spinal spacer assembly, expander and insertion instrument, kit and methods of assembly and use
   10,667,827 Surgical instrument and method
   10,667,798 Surgical tool handle assemblies and related methods
   10,667,759 Automatic recognition of known patterns in physiological measurement data
   10,667,734 Method for providing a signal quality degree associated with an analyte value measured in a continuous monitoring system
   10,667,500 Double knockout (GT/CMAH-KO) pigs, organs and tissues
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