Patent Office Issues 273 Patents to Indiana Citizens in November 2022

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office issued the following 273 patent registrations to businesses and individuals in Indiana during November 2022, based on applications filed by Indiana patent attorneys:

Patent No. Title
US 11497657 B2 Absorbent articles having channels and wetness indicator
US 11497657 B2 Accessing client credential sets using a key
US 11509641 B2 Acoustic panel
US D969351 S Active control valve for a fluid pump
US 11486386 B2 Adaptive high pressure fuel pump system and method for predicting pumped mass

US 11486326 B2 Adhesives and methods of making the same
US 11492524 B2 Adiabatic flip-flop and memory cell design
US 11488660 B2 Adjustable tracheostoma valve
US 11497871 B2 Adjusting transmissions based on direct sensing of the ionosphere
US 11496210 B2 Animal crate with removably coupled divider panel assembly
US 11497190 B2 Anti-CD137 antibodies
US 11512134 B2 Anti-CGRP antibody formulation
US 11498959 B2 Anti-unstart for combined cycle high mach vehicles
US 11512667 B2 Antibody constructs for CDH19 and CD3
US 11498964 B2 Apparatus and method for insulating a beverage can
US 11503934 B1 Apparatus for use in turning steerable vehicle wheels
US 11498616 B2 Apparatuses to facilitate prosthesis placement
US 11484423 B2 Array of wet wipe packages
US 11498735 B2 Augmented glenoid with groove
US 11510785 B2 Augmented reality platform for collaborative classrooms
US 11501658 B2 Automotive lamp optical system with light diffusive projection lens
US 11512828 B2 Bearing lubricator, controller and associated method
US 11486541 B2 Black tank arrangement
US 11498496 B2 Body mixing decomposition reactor
US 11486289 B2 Bolt assembly for spring hanger system
US 11485183 B2 Bone closure assembly
US 11490937 B2 Bone cut guide apparatus and method
US 11504137 B2 Bone fusion system, device and method including an insertion instrument
US 11497623 B2 Bushing with wear pad retainer
US 11511582 B2 Calibration of a thermal imaging device for a surface cooking appliance
US 11506540 B2 Capacitive measurement device
US 11486737 B2 CATV return band sweeping using data over cable service interface specification carriers
US 11509954 B2 Chemically driven auto-injector with retraction
US 11504476 B2 Cloud operation reservation system
US 11503128 B2 Collapsible casket with reduced shipping and/or storage footprint
US 11504291 B2 Colon evacuation without collapse
US 11511034 B2 Combination drug therapy reduces PARP-1 related DNA repair and increases the efficacy of genotoxic agents
US 11491147 B2 Combination oven grill and pan
US D968890 S Communication system architecture and method of processing data therein
US 11509623 B2 Communications system using pulse divider and associated methods
US 11502758 B2 Composite liners for turbofan engines
US 11506083 B2 Computationally optimized and manufactured acoustic metamaterials
US 11498282 B1 Container
US D969611 S Controlling a graphical user interface for workflow
US 11509761 B2 Controlling just in time access to a cluster
US 11494509 B2 Cooled lighting system
US 11506373 B2 Cross-linked pex forming after assembly
US 11504918 B2 Cry1D for controlling corn earworm
US 11485983 B2 Deflecting endoscope accessory channels
US 11503984 B2 Deflecting member for making fibrous structures
US 11486092 B2 Deformable heterostructures, electronic devices incorporating the same, and methods of making the same
US 11495729 B2 Dental composition and method
US 11490639 B2 Deployable restraint barricade for a motor vehicle
US 11485309 B2 Detecting untracked software components on an asset
US 11509676 B2 Device with sharp and blunt regions for removing occlusions
US 11490923 B2 Diesel exhaust fluid tank heating system
US 11506100 B2 Dishwasher with multi-level dishwasher rack
US 11490779 B2 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
US D971241 S Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
US D971242 S Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
US D971243 S Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
US D969852 S Drag reducing device
US 11498628 B2 Electric motor and method of use
US 11515765 B2 Electrical connector alignment system for a pallet changer
US 11489287 B1 Electrical machine monitor
US 11514732 B2 Electrically-powered stores rack ejector
US 11485495 B1 Electrode break detection
US 11493473 B2 Electronic method for calibrating peening intensity
US 11484989 B2 Envelope
US D969907 S Exercise bar with dynamically rotating hand grips
US 11504572 B2 Exhaust scrubber system and method
US 11498025 B1 External ankle brace
US 11497644 B2 Faucet
US D969974 S Faucet
US D969975 S Faucet body
US D969970 S Faucet body
US D969972 S Faucet spout
US D969977 S Filtration system
US D969964 S Filtration system for geared turbofan tank
US 11506081 B2 Firearm shell casing catching system
US 11512914 B2 Food product
US D969449 S Four-dimensional crane rail measurement
US 11506565 B2 Furnace subassembly, furnace blower and associated method
US 11499716 B2 Furoxan-based compounds and uses thereof
US 11512094 B2 Fuzzy logic for processing transmission meta data
US 11496211 B2 Gas turbine engine system with health monitoring of fuel pump condition
US 11513033 B2 Geodesic frame connector system and method
US 11486129 B1 Grow lighting profiles for indoor garden center
US 11503774 B2 Hand truck with toe plate
US 11511783 B2 Heart hair clip
US D968701 S Heated flash-boiling doser with integrated helix
US 11511239 B2 Helmholtz resonators with broadband capability
US 11514878 B2 High optical transparent two-dimensional electronic conducting system and process for generating same
US 11515057 B2 High-integrity opaque-inset panel envelope, and method for manufacturing the same
US 11485547 B2 High-strength single-crystal like nanotwinned nickel coatings and methods of making the same
US 11492725 B2 Hospital bed having wireless network connectivity
US 11508469 B2 Hot surface igniters for cooktops
US 11493208 B2 HVAC equipment settings
US 11499736 B2 Hydraulic motor with anti-cogging features
US 11493018 B2 Hydrogel
US 11504392 B2 Hygrometer for humidors
US D969622 S Immune receptor conferring broad spectrum fungal resistance in sorghum
US 11505804 B2 Implant for removable prosthetic nail
US 11484106 B2 Implant insertion tool for implanting an acetabular component and associated surgical method
US 11484416 B2 In situ thermal control of Langmuir-Schaefer transfer
US 11508917 B2 In-plane and out-of-plane disk resonator
US 11496115 B2 Integrated methods and systems for producing amide and nitrile compounds
US 11498894 B2 Integrated sump pump controller with status notifications
US 11486401 B2 Internal combustion engine misfire and air-fuel ratio imbalance detection and controls
US 11512660 B2 Internal pelvic fixator
US 11490930 B2 Interspersed message batching in a database system
US 11516105 B2 Intramedullary rod with intrabody outrigger interface
US 11504171 B2 Knife
US D969570 S Knob
US D969588 S Layered memory mapped file technology
US 11487467 B1 Layering of low thermal conductive material on metal tray
US 11486622 B2 Length-adjustable steering shaft and method for producing a length-adjustable steering shaft
US 11486440 B2 Load bar for a truck trailer
US 11498474 B2 Locking web retractor with controllable lock
US 11505160 B2 Machine and method for forming articles
US 11491696 B2 Maize hybrid X05P331
US 11483994 B1 Maize hybrid X13N234
US 11490584 B1 Maize hybrid X15P091
US 11510381 B1 Medical device with adjustable length
US 11484421 B2 Membrane installation methods
US 11492805 B2 Men’s recovery garment
US D969452 S Method and apparatus for assisting persons with disabilities
US 11514807 B2 Method and apparatus for generating two-dimensional image data describing a three-dimensional image
US 11514642 B2 Method and apparatus for implementing a role-based access control clustering machine learning model execution module
US 11501257 B2 Method and system for automatic focusing for high-resolution structured light 3D imaging
US 11512946 B2 Method for producing a high strength coated steel sheet having improved strength, ductility and formability
US 11492676 B2 Method for producing an ultra high strength galvannealed steel sheet and obtained galvannealed steel sheet
US 11512362 B2 Method of communicating between a client-server system and remote clients
US 11495101 B2 Method of identifying properties of molecules under open boundary conditions
US 11508463 B2 Method of manufacturing a silicone medical balloon
US 11504507 B2 Method of processing an image
US 11506783 B2 Method of selectively controlling nucleation for crystalline compound formation by irradiating a precursor with a pulsed energy source
US 11505877 B2 Methods and apparatus for compensating for thermal expansion during additive manufacturing
US 11491739 B2 Methods and systems for treating emissions released during closed molding processes
US 11486530 B2 Methods for classification of hydrocarbon mixtures
US 11513104 B2 Methods, systems, and apparatus for reducing cogging torque in an electric machine
US 11515742 B2 Microchannel heat exchanger
US 11493277 B2 Microelectromechanical gas sensor based on knudsen thermal force
US 11506619 B2 Midfoot bone replacement implant
US 11497613 B2 Monitoring database agents running on servers connected by a computer network
US 11487785 B2 Motor endshield promoting controller air cooling
US 11502573 B2 Motor stop for a through-frame slide out system
US 11499610 B2 Mounting bracket
US D969677 S Multi-computer processing system with machine learning engine for optimized forecasting
US 11507907 B2 Multi-functional luggage
US 11510466 B2 Multi-mission munition adapter
US 11512927 B2 Multilayer abradable coatings for high-performance systems
US 11506073 B2 Multiple function shower systems including consolidated mode switching controls
US 11505926 B2 Multiple motor multiple speed continuous power transmission
US 11498403 B2 Multipurpose solar drying tray assemblies and methods therefor
US 11486639 B2 Multirotor aerial vehicle with automatically rotatable arms
US 11498659 B2 Mute control deactivation in online conference
US 11489895 B1 Open load diagnostics for loads that are PWM controlled
US 11489479 B2 Optical communications connectors
US 11493701 B2 Optical element, optical module, and vehicle
US 11506358 B2 Orbitrap for single particle mass spectrometry
US 11495449 B2 Orthopaedic fixation devices, systems and methods
US 11490935 B2 Orthopaedic knee prosthesis system and methods for using same
US 11510784 B2 Outdoor kitchen accessory for recreational vehicles
US 11511658 B2 Parathyroid hormone-anti-RANKL antibody fusion compounds
US 11492386 B2 Patient risk assessment based on data from multiple sources in a healthcare facility
US 11504071 B2 PDO or BMTZ ligand for supported coordinated PT hydrosilylation catalysts
US 11484872 B2 Personal point of sale (pPOS) device with a local and/or remote payment kernel that provides for card present e-commerce transaction
US 11514418 B2 Pharmaceutical combinations comprising insulin and at least an agent selected from meloxicam, bromfenac sodium, acetylsalicylic acid, salicyclic acid and paracetamol
US 11510967 B2 Pharmacy order processing system workstations and related methods
US 11505355 B2 Plant promoter for transgene expression
US 11492631 B2 Polyetherimide from metal free ionomers
US 11499011 B2 Polymer lung surfactants
US 11497764 B2 Polynucleotides for preparing ANGPTL 3/8 complexes
US 11492395 B2 Pontoon boat
US 11505282 B2 Post deposition heat treatment of bond coat and additional layers on ceramic or CMC substrate
US 11512379 B2 Powder bed fusion material and method
US 11492488 B2 Power/data access module
US 11497306 B2 Process to make low color polyetherimide by halo-displacement and low color polyetherimide
US 11505652 B2 PSMA binding ligand-linker conjugates and methods for using
US 11504357 B2 PSMA-targeted NIR dyes and their uses
US 11484607 B2 Rack-mountable equipment with a high-heat-dissipation module, and transceiver receptacle with increased cooling
US 11500167 B2 Rack-mountable equipment with a high-heat-dissipation module, and transceiver receptacle with increased cooling
US 11500168 B2 Residual coding method of linear prediction coding coefficient based on collaborative quantization, and computing device for performing the method
US 11488613 B2 Responsive elastic polymers and methods of making and using same
US 11491233 B2 Rotary brush and rotary brush wire configurations
US 11504824 B2 Rotary surgical instrument assembly
US 11504138 B2 SAG nanowire growth with ion implantation
US 11488822 B2 Scooter conversion kit and method
US 11511823 B2 Seamless unitary deflection member for making fibrous structures having increased surface area and process for making same
US 11486093 B2 Self-latching power cord for appliances
US 11502454 B2 Semicrystalline polyphenylsulfone and associated method of making and method of additive manufacturing
US 11512169 B2 Separators for enhanced flooded batteries, batteries, and related methods
US 11502374 B2 Sequence-specific in vivo cell targeting
US 11491208 B2 Shoulder arthroplasty system method with combination humeral sizer, trial, and guide
US 11497626 B2 Simulator for nearby interactions of devices
US 11503431 B2 Soft straw lid for beverage container
US 11510512 B2 Specimen collection container
US D970037 S Splined oil catcher
US 11486270 B2 Spoked rotary seal
US 11486496 B2 Spring barb for medical device
US 11497632 B2 Stackable rebar chair
US 11512470 B1 Standoff feature for appliance
US 11486626 B2 Stator assembly including insulation member and method of assembly thereof
US 11489390 B2 Steering assistance systems, roll control systems, and vehicles having the same
US 11490559 B2 Structure for assembling apparatus
US 11485418 B2 Support apparatus for bariatric person
US 11484449 B2 Surface conditioning drag tools
US 11483955 B1 Surgical light, system including the surgical light and method for operating the surgical light
US 11497577 B2 Suspension control assembly and a kit of parts for
US 11505027 B2 Sustainable conventional and organic agriculture with reduced N and P fertilizer use
US 11512281 B1 Switching flow water source heater chiller
US 11493227 B2 Synergistic effect of isoxaben and cellulosin as a herbicide
US 11497213 B2 System and method for adaptive driving beam headlamp
US 11485278 B2 System and method for configuration and interchanging of business functionality implementations
US 11496543 B2 System and method for content retrieval from remote network regions
US 11503105 B2 System and method for controlling opposed piston engine operation for rotation direction
US 11512630 B2 System and method for delivering modular tools
US 11494057 B2 System and method for gastric electrical stimulation using compound nerve action potential feedback
US 11511111 B2 System and method for improving a battery management and accumulator system
US 11493541 B2 System and method for intraoperative surgical planning
US 11490965 B2 System and method for measuring fuel injection during pump operation
US 11499495 B2 System and method for multi-point thermal path assessment
US 11506621 B2 System and method for on demand pill canister production
US 11491600 B2 System and method for power transmission line monitoring
US 11493547 B2 System and method for preparing a patient’s femur in an orthopaedic joint replacement procedure
US 11504251 B2 System and method for providing object-level driver attention reasoning with a graph convolution network
US 11507830 B2 System and method for self-adjusting engine performance parameters during fuel quality variation
US 11512659 B2 System for preparing a patient’s tibia in an orthopaedic joint replacement procedure
US 11497620 B2 System for startup support of externally heated turbine engine
US 11499474 B2 Systems and methods for an e-gating feature in an electrochemical test strip
US 11484876 B2 Systems and methods for data collection from maintenance-prone vehicle components
US 11495061 B2 Systems and methods for detecting stator winding faults and degradation
US 11489471 B2 Systems and methods for forming magnet wire insulation
US 11488774 B2 Systems and methods for forming magnet wire insulation with thermoset material
US 11488775 B2 Systems and methods for function pointer protection by function symbol encryption
US 11487869 B2 Systems and methods for high-speed, spectroscopic, gas-phase thermometry
US 11499872 B2 Systems and methods for managing a transportation plan
US 11514541 B2 Systems and methods for managing watchlist constraints on an electric power grid
US 11494854 B2 Systems and methods for non-contact boring
US 11492904 B2 Systems and methods for performing load optimization of medications in an electronic medication storage cabinet
US 11501230 B2 Systems and methods for preventing deactivation of a cylinder of an internal combustion engine system
US 11512652 B2 Systems and methods for quantifying an analyte extracted from a sample
US 11495448 B2 Systems and methods for reliably detecting wear metal particles in lubrication systems to avoid progressive damage
US 11499454 B2 Systems and methods for using oxygen to diagnose in-range rationality for NOx sensors
US 11499468 B2 Systems and methods for utilizing cylinder deactivation when a vehicle is in a reverse operating mode
US 11486321 B2 Systems and methods to minimize emissions spikes when reactivating or deactivating a combustion cylinder
US 11499490 B1 Tamper-evident bag seal
US D970339 S Techniques for transient estimation and compensation of control parameters for dedicated EGR engines
US 11492992 B2 Technologies for reducing power consumption in access control devices based on delivery scheduling
US 11487345 B2 Telecommunications system utilizing drones
US 11515931 B2 Tension knife for cutting food products
US 11498234 B2 Thermal management systems for extended operation
US 11486607 B1 Thermal shutdown with hysteresis
US 11493967 B2 Tibial prosthesis for tibia with varus resection
US 11491018 B2 Tip over prevention for dumping vehicles
US 11498469 B2 Toothpaste tube
US D968966 S TrkA Inhibitor
US 11498915 B2 Turbine shroud assembly with forward and aft pin shroud attachment
US 11499444 B1 Universal tram
US 11498178 B2 Valve assemblies incorporating solenoid clips and methods of assembling the same
US 11486424 B2 Valve assemblies to supply fluid pressure to components in multiple transmission operating modes
US 11512720 B2 Valve spring retainer incorporating lubrication oil trap
US 11499451 B2 Valve train with cylinder deactivation and compression release
US 11512653 B2 Vapor generation and distribution devices, systems, and methods
US 11484618 B2 Vehicle cab
US D970394 S Viral marketing object oriented system and method
US 11488211 B1 Virus and antigen purification and conjugation
US 11485956 B2 Water quality unit for flow-through manhole
US 11505936 B1 Waveguide antenna with integrated temperature management
US 11509035 B2 Wearable device for measuring body kinetics
US 11510035 B2 Window device with a cement board as a frame material
US 11492841 B2 Woven or braided tubular metal construct
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