Wisconsin Court To Hear Simon Property Group Patent Infringement Claims Over Mobile Application For Mall Marketing: Case Dismissed from Indiana Court

Indianapolis, IN – A patent infringement suit filed in the Southern District of Indiana has been transferred to the Western District of Wisconsin. In April, patent lawyers for Simon Property Group of Indianapolis, Indiana filed a patent lawsuit against NorthMobileTech of Middleton, Wisconsin. In its complaint, Simon stated that NorthMobileTech has accusedSimonMalls.jpg Simon of infringing NorthMobileTech’s patent, and Simon believed a patent infringement lawsuit against it is imminent. On April 20, 2011, the same day as Simon’s patent attorneys filed its suit, patent attorneys for NorthMobileTech filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Simon in the Western District of Wisconsin. Indiana Intellectual Property Law and News blogged about the case when it was filed.

Simon had filed requests to have the two lawsuits heard by the Southern District of Indiana, however, it has recently filed a motion to dismiss in the Indiana court, noting that the case in the Western District of Wisconsin was moving along quicker than the Indiana case.

The controversy is over Simon’s new application for mobile phones that allows users to access information about shopping malls and merchandise. NorthMobileTech is the owner of patent no. 7,805,130, which has been issued by the US Patent Office. This patented technology is a mobile phone application that allows shopping store and merchandise information to be transmitted to a wireless phone. According to an exhibit attached to Simon’s Complaint, a patent attorney for Fenwick Corporation, which has assigned its patent rights to NorthMobileTech, has sent a letter to Simon alleging that Simon’s mobile phone application infringes its patent. Simon’s application is called “Simon Malls – more choices.”

Practice Tip: This litigation has been quite contentious with both parties filing motions to compel discovery compliance and with Simon requesting sanctions. The parties have also briefed claim construction. The latest entry on PACER indicates that Magistrate Stephen L. Crocker will hear the parties discovery disputes tomorrow, January 6, 2012.

In the Western District of Wisconsin, the case has been assigned to Judge William N. Conley and Magistrate Stephen L. Crocker, and assigned case no. 3:11-cv-00287-wmc.Motion to Dismiss With Prejudice

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