Another Update to Hard Drive v. 21 Indiana John Does: Attorney Files Motion to Dismiss, Court May Strike Anonymous Letters


Indianapolis, IN РThere have been further updates to the Hard Drive Productions case in the Southern District of Indianathat Intellectual Property Law News has been closely following. The Hard Drive case is one of three similar copyright infringement lawsuits in the Southern District of Indiana all involving file sharing of adult entertainment videos via BitTorrent. BitTorrentPicture.JPGThe other two are the Boy Racer case and the First Time Videos case.

In one development, an attorney has filed a motion to dismiss and motion to quash subpoena on behalf of one of the John Does, who remains unnamed but has his or her I.P. address listed on the motion. The motion to dismiss argues that the Court does not have personal jurisdiction since the John Doe does not live in or have sufficient contacts with Indiana and that the defendants have been misjoined since none of the controversies arise out of the same facts or occurrences. The motion also argues that a subpoena that has been served on internet service provider Comcast requesting the name and identifying information for this John Doe is unduly burdensome.

In another development, the Court has ordered the authors of the anonymous letters, subject of an Intellectual Property Law Newsblog last month, to appear before the court and show cause why their letters should not be stricken from the record. If the authors do not appear by September 9, the Court will strike their letters from the case docket.

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