Eli Lilly Company Sues APP Pharmaceuticals LLC for Patent Infringement of Chemotherapy Drug


Indianapolis, IN – Patent lawyers for Eli Lilly Company of Indianapolis, Indiana lilly.jpgfiled a patent infringement judgment suit in the Southern District of Indiana alleging APP Pharmaceuticals LLC of Schaumburg, Illinois infringed patent no.7,772,209 , Antifolate combination therapies, which has been issued by the US Patent Office.

The complaint states that APP has filed an abbreviated new drug application with the Food and Drug Administration seeking to sell a generic version of the drug ALIMTA, which is patented by Lilly, prior to the expiration of the patent. Lilly alleges that APP will begin to market and sell the generic drug. ALIMTA is a chemotherapy drug used to treat mesothelioma and other lung cancers. Lilly’s patent attorneys contend that the marketing and sale of APP’sAPP.jpg generic version will infringe Lilly’s patent. The complaint alleges two counts of patent infringement and seeks a judgment of infringement, injunction, costs and attorney’s fees.

Practice Tip: This case has been filed before APP actually marketed or sold any of the infringing product.  Rather, Lilly appears to have become concerned about infringement due to the new abbreviated new drug application and notice that APP provided to Lilly. It is common for a patent infringement lawsuit, seeking an injunction and declaratory judgment, to be filed after a new abbreviated new drug application is filed with the Food and Drug Administration. The Patent Act, 35 U.S.C. § 283, allows a court with jurisdiction to grant an injunction “to prevent the violation of any right secured by patent, on such terms as the court deems reasonable.”

This case has been assigned to Judge Tanya Walton Pratt and Magistrate Judge Tim A. Baker in the Southern District of Indiana, and assigned Case No. 1:11-cv-00942-TWP-TAB.


Further Information about the case is as follows:

Filed: July 15, 2011 as 1:2011cv00942 Updated: July 19, 2011 06:07:16



Presiding Judge: Tanya Walton Pratt

Referring Judge: Tim A. Baker

Cause Of Action: Patent Infringement

Court: Seventh Circuit > Indiana > Southern District Court

Type: Intellectual Property > Patent

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