Indiana E-Filing Extended to Indiana Supreme Court and Court of Appeals


Indianapolis, Indiana – Chief Justice Loretta Rush of the Indiana Supreme Court today signed an order extending e-filing.

In July, the Indiana E-filing System (“IEFS”) commenced in Indiana’s state courts with a pilot program in Hamilton County. That program extends to filings with the Indiana Supreme Court and Court of Appeals effective Monday, November 9, 2015.

E-filing via IEFS will be required for all filings for appeals “in which: (a) either the Indiana Public Defender or the Marion County Public Defender, on one side, and the Attorney General of Indiana, on the other side, represent the parties to the appeal; and (b) the Notice of Appeal has already been conventionally filed.”

Other appeals for which a Notice of Appeal have been conventionally filed may submit filings through the IEFS but are not yet required to do so. The court’s plan is to require electronic filing in all Indiana state courts by the end of 2018.


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