Indiana Patent Litigation: Purdue Trustees Sue Japanese Corporation Over Blood Pressure Monitor Patent

Lafayette, Indiana – Attorneys for Plaintiff, The Trustees of Purdue University of Lafayette, Indiana filed suit in the Northern District of Indiana alleging that Defendants, Omron Corporation and Omron Healthcare Company, Limited of Japan infringed its rights inBlogPhoto-4-300x170 United States Patent No. 7,014,611 B1 (“the 611 Patent”) for “Oscillometric Noninvasive Blood Pressure Monitor”. Plaintiff is seeking judgment, compensatory damages, supplemental damages and interest, and such other and further relief and all remedies available at law.

The ‘611 patent describes a small blood pressure monitor to be worn around one’s wrist or other limb. The patented item includes the monitor and a pump to inflate the cuff, among other details. Plaintiff alleges that Defendants have been infringing the patent by offering for sale numerous infringing blood pressure monitors that Plaintiff alleges “embody the apparatuses and practice the methods covered by one or more claims of the ’611 patent.”

In the complaint, Plaintiff specifies 10 different blood pressure monitor models produced by Defendant that allegedly infringe on claims of the ‘611 patent.

The case was assigned to District Judge Joseph Van Bokkelen and Magistrate Judge Andrew Rodovich in the Northern District and assigned Case 4:17-cv-00099-JVB-APR.


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