Patent Office Issues 165 Patents To Indiana Citizens in October 2014

The U.S. Patent Office issued the following 165 patent registrations to persons and businesses in Indiana in October 2014, based on applications filed by Indiana patent attorneys:

Patent No. Title
8874256 Monitoring and control system for commodity loading 
8872399 Stator winding assembly and method 
8872369 Starter machine system and method 
8872154 Field effect transistor fabrication from carbon nanotubes 
8872102 Ion mobility spectrometer and method of operating same 
8871943 Process for the preparation of 4-amino-5-fluoro-3-halo-6-(substituted)picolinates 
8871727 Ectoparasiticidal methods and formulations 

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8871681 Herbicidal compositions comprising 4-amino-3-chloro-5-fluoro-6-(4-chloro-2-fluoro-3-methoxyphenyl)
pyridine-2-carboxylic acid or a derivative thereof and certain sulfonylureas 
8871680 Herbicidal compositions comprising 4-amino-3-chloro-5-fluoro-6-(4-chloro-2-fluoro-3-methoxyphenyl)
pyridine-2-carboxylic acid or a derivative thereof and a di-methoxy-pyrimidine and derivatives thereof 
8871206 Anti-human folate receptor beta antibodies and methods of use 
8871068 Continuous monitor sensor with covalently bound enzyme 
8870944 Two valve caval stent for functional replacement of incompetent tricuspid valve 
Stent structure for implantable medical device 
8870939 Prosthesis having pivoting fenestration 
8870914 Medical device and a method for sealing a puncture or an opening 
8870884 Method for repairing bone defects 
8870883 Method for less invasive knee resection 
8870881 Spinal correction system and method 
8870816 Device for treating hardened lesions 
8870789 Lancing system and tape cassette for a lancing device 
8870730 Cup lid manufacturing process 
8870600 Connector with staggered contacts 
8870095 Locking pressurized fluid connection 
8869943 Infinitely adjustable and constrainable movable structure for a vehicle lift 
8869769 Internal combustion engine with variable effective length connecting rod 
8869715 Tilting tabletop mechanism 
8869538 Gas turbine engine flow path member 
8869512 Combined engine out NO.sub.X management 
D715,930 Medical device delivery handle 
D715,619 Drawer pull 
D715,577 Towel bar 
8868294 Adjustable hysteresis circuit for control of air suspension 
8867039 Methods and apparatus to obtain suspended particle information 
8866610 Hospital bed obstacle detection apparatus 
8866598 Healthcare communication system with whiteboard 
8865979 Inbred corn line XHS03 
8865761 Regulation of cholesterol homeostasis 
8865128 Folate targeted enhanced tumor and folate receptor positive tissue optical imaging technology 
8865126 Vitamin-targeted imaging agents 
8865089 Analytical systems, devices, and cartridges therefor 
8865071 Test tape device 
8865069 Apparatus and process for opening and closing fluid containers 
8865065 Ozone sanitizing system 
8864914 System, method, and apparatus for cleaning a ceramic component 
8864842 Self-cleaning stent 
8864836 ACL accommodating tibial design 
8864819 Stented side branch graft 
8864813 Balloon/self-expanding stent graft 
8864808 Endoluminal delivery assembly 
8864801 Method of deformity correction in a spine using injectable materials
8864781 Intestinal bypass using magnets 
8864769 Alignment guides with patient-specific anchoring elements 
8864721 Gearing mechanism for a dose delivery device 
8864711 Drug dispensing balloon for treating disc disease or pain 
8864685 Wire guide having two safety wires 
8864664 Medical device with a collection channel for a bodily fluid 
8864621 Roadheader gearbox 
8864423 Geomembrane protective cover 
8864206 Recreational vehicle with reconfigurable floor plan 
8864119 Compression spring assembly and method 
8864113 End member, gas spring assembly and method 
8863781 Constricting pressure valve apparatus and methods thereof 
8863540 HVAC system controlled by a battery management system 
8863538 Ammonia recycling still for a refrigeration system and method therefor 
8863529 Variable pressure ratio compressor 
8863527 Combustor liner 
8863504 System, method, and apparatus for determining aftertreatment fluid quality 
8863458 Insulative sealing system and materials therefor 
8863440 Force-resistant panel 
RE45,186 Low cost room temperature electrochemical carbon monoxide and toxic gas sensor with humidity compensation based on protonic conductive membranes 
D715,501 Door frame with a split door for an animal enclosure 
D715,473 Flashlight 
8862481 Method and system for collecting, managing and reporting feedlot data and feed additive consumption data 
8862349 Integrated transmission and auxiliary gearbox control 
8861731 Efficient procedure for pairing medical devices for wireless communication with limited user interaction 
8860536 Starter system 
8860311 Lighting apparatus 
8860266 Alternator having a heat sink and method 
8860235 Starter machine system and method 
8859986 Ion generation using wetted porous material 
8859959 Ion generation using wetted porous material 
8859958 Ion generation using wetted porous material 
8859957 Systems and methods for sample analysis 
8859956 Ion generation using wetted porous material 
8859620 Phthalanilate compounds and methods of use 
8859590 Inhibitors of BACE1 and methods for treating Alzheimer’s disease 
8859558 Pyrazinyl carboxamides as fungicides 
8859532 Materials and method for inhibiting replication protein A and uses thereof 
8859491 Glucagon superfamily peptides exhibiting glucocorticoid receptor activity 
8859465 Synergistic herbicidal composition containing penoxsulam and glufosinate-ammonium 
8859293 Method for determining whether a disposable, dry regent, electrochemical test strip is unsuitable for use 
8859289 Method and laboratory system for handling sample tubes and an image analyzing unit 
8859054 System and method for depositing material in a substrate 
8858924 Compositions and methods for treatment of hemorrhage 
8858646 Hip stem prosthesis 
8858643 Tibial bearing component for a knee prosthesis with improved articular characteristics 
8858642 Knee prosthesis 
8858638 Spinal implant 
8858617 Barbed anchors for wire stent 
8858608 Lubrication apparatus for a delivery and deployment device 
8858599 Systems and methods for flexible spinal stabilization 
8858588 Medical devices with detachable pivotable jaws 
8858584 Emergency transection device 
8858561 Patient-specific alignment guide 
8858504 Haemostatic valve assembly 
8858467 Lancing and analysis device 
8858466 Disposable diagnostic part and a method for the manufacture thereof 
8858464 Surgical system 
8858409 Patient support apparatuses with exercise functionalities 
8858385 Locking differential 
8858378 Electronically controlled range valve for multi-speed planetary transmission 
8858165 Seal arrangement for variable vane 
8858125 Tool assembly for removing material from a work-piece 
8857924 Lugs of continuous rubber tracks for track vehicles 
8857570 Lighting coupled to elevator system 
8857561 Exhaust valve combined with active noise control system 
8857115 Composite step tread 
8856993 Temperature and moisture regulating topper for non-powered person-support surfaces 
8856987 Patient support having an adjustable popliteal length apparatus, system and method 
D714,991 Lamp 
D714,578 Furniture base 
8855747 Engaged fiducials and system for deployment 
8853908 Magnet rotor assembly including a vacuum impregnated bonded magnet having increased crush strength at high temperatures 
8853627 Discontinuous atmospheric pressure interface 
8853510 Wheat cultivar HY 319-SWW and compositions and methods of using the same 
8853501 Inbred corn line XHK34 
8853500 Cotton variety P04X.3074 
8853499 Cotton variety P07X.8213.RF 
8853456 Process for the preparation of tapentadol 
8853289 Foam compositions for selective recovery of oil spills and other applications 
8853261 Nutraceutical composition from Garcinia mangostana 
8853246 Pesticidal compositions 
8853185 Coferons and methods of making and using them 
8853132 Directed synthesis of oligophosphoramidate stereoisomers 
8853129 Synergistic herbicidal composition containing penoxsulam and oryzalin 
8852875 Methods for counting cells 
8852780 Battery pack support with thermal control 
8852720 Substrate features for mitigating stress 
8852701 Self adhering membrane for roofing applications 
8852566 Compositions and methods for preferential distribution of active agents to injury sites 
8852532 G-force sensitive label and corresponding sample tube, method and analytical system 
8852296 Renewable engine fuel and method of producing same 
8852285 Prosthesis for distal radioulnar joint 
8852284 Hydrogel proximal interphalangeal implant 
8852280 Intervertebral implant 
8852202 Bone fixation tool 
8852195 Guide templates for surgical implants and related methods 
8852192 Method and apparatus for osteochondral autograft transplantation 
8852124 Tape transport lance sampler 
8852123 Handheld medical diagnostic devices housing with sample transfer 
8852089 Instrumentation for tissue retraction 
8852052 System, method, and apparatus for controlling power output distribution in a hybrid power train 
8852051 System, method, and apparatus for controlling power output distribution in a hybrid power train 
8852049 Fast valve actuation system for an automatic transmission 
8851936 Terminal block including a conductor routing system for an apparatus including an electrical component and method of routing a conductor across a terminal block 
8851832 Engine and vane actuation system for turbine engine 
8851830 Harmonization of multiple gear train configurations 
8851521 Travel trailer having improved turning radius 
8851423 Air-film vibration damping apparatus for windows 
8851348 Portable lock mounting assembly 
8851152 Method and apparatus for production of a cast component 
8851151 Method and apparatus for production of a cast component 
8850981 Single-sided printing providing dual-sided reading of print on optical discs 
8850823 Integrated aero-engine flowpath structure 
8850639 Siderail latching mechanism 
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