The U.S. Patent Office issued the following 228 patent registrations to persons and businesses in Indiana in June 2021, based on applications filed by Indiana patent attorneys:

1 D0923,639 Display screen with graphical user interface for medical treatment and/or diagnostics
2 D0923,464 Storage rack guard drop-in bracket device
3 D0923,429 Drawer organizer
4 11,050,995 Method and system for multi-wavelength depth encoding for three-dimensional range geometry compression
5 11,050,114 Impact resistant battery enclosure systems
6 11,050,058 Methods of making electrodes, electrodes made therefrom, and electrochemical energy storage cells utilizing the electrodes
7 11,047,871 Centering unit for diagnostic laboratory transporting compartment
8 11,047,869 Mass spectral tissue analysis
9 11,047,866 IGFBP7 for diagnosing diastolic dysfunction
10 11,047,865 Troponin and BNP based diagnosis of risk patients and cause of stroke
11 11,047,853 Fluidic control elements for signal readout enhancement in two-dimensional paper networks (2DPN)
12 11,047,791 Systems and methods for sample display and review
13 11,047,652 Target assembly with stowed position and deployed position
14 11,047,474 Control system and method thereof for multispeed transmission
15 11,047,456 Variators
16 11,047,358 Systems and method for harmonizing knock in engine cylinders
17 11,047,320 Fuel type prediction from mass flow measurements and thermal conductivity sensor
18 11,047,290 Systems and methods for controlling piston cooling nozzles using control valve actuator
19 11,047,280 Assembly and methods for NOx reducing reagent dosing with variable spray angle nozzle
20 11,047,251 Routing for electrical communication in gas turbine engines
21 11,047,150 Noise-reducing strike box
22 11,047,024 High-strength aluminum alloy coatings, deformation layers and methods of making the same
23 11,047,016 Techniques for controlling precipitate phase domain size in an alloy
24 11,047,009 Blood biomarkers for suicidality
25 11,046,972 Nucleic acid molecules to control insect pests
26 11,046,968 Production of omega 3 long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids in oilseed crops by a thraustochytrid PUFA synthase
27 11,046,873 Methods of adhering in an aqueous environment
28 11,046,620 Method of processing a ceramic matrix composite (CMC) component
29 11,046,618 Discrete solidification of melt infiltration
30 11,046,309 Dynamic torque management techniques for enhanced engine cycle efficiency
31 11,046,052 Protective covers and methods of manufacture and use
32 11,045,783 Systems and methods for increasing reaction yield
33 11,045,676 Activated carbon supported Ni.sup.0Fe.sup.0 nanoparticles for reductive transformation of perfluoroalkyl-containing compounds
34 11,045,625 Medical devices, methods, and kits for delivering medication to a bodily passage
35 11,045,601 Infusion set with components comprising a polymeric sorbent to reduce the concentration of m-cresol in insulin
36 11,045,401 Partial melt co-crystallization compositions
37 11,045,378 Method and apparatus for making fabric casket components
38 11,045,327 Adjustable interbody fusion devices and methods of use
39 11,045,301 Implantable medical device with compound stitching connection of framework to fabric
40 11,045,234 Bone plate system and method
41 11,045,173 Full core biopsy device
42 11,044,892 Aviary system and method of circulating litter in an aviary
43 D0923,285 Cremation urn
44 D0923,284 Cremation urn with decorative applique applied thereto
45 D0923,153 Faucet spout
46 D0923,151 Faucet handle
47 D0923,148 Faucet
48 D0923,059 Non-axial turbomachine
49 D0922,851 Door lever
50 11,044,562 Multi-diaphragm speaker driven by multiple voice coil plates and a shared permanent magnet pair
51 11,042,019 Systems and methods for imaging a sample
52 11,041,917 Sensing systems with orientation selection mechanisms
53 11,041,846 Test element analysis system for the analytical examination of a sample
54 11,041,655 Aviary ventilation system and method
55 11,041,528 Profiled main bearing caps
56 11,041,487 Wastewater sump assembly
57 11,041,446 Gas turbine engine fuel additive control system
58 11,041,394 CMC airfoil joint
59 11,041,051 Method for dispersion of nanocellulose in melt-processed polymers
60 11,040,807 Closure
61 11,040,742 Trailer with fender box
62 11,040,607 Multiple motor multiple speed continuous power transmission
63 11,040,499 Method and apparatus for thermoforming an article
64 11,040,308 Systems and methods for purging reductant from a reductant injector
65 11,040,302 Folded filter media pack with varying channels and deep corrugations
66 11,040,177 Medical balloon with incorporated fibers
67 11,040,137 Wearable drug delivery device
68 11,039,972 Funerary display arrangement with insert kit
69 11,039,892 Robotically-assisted knee arthroplasty support systems and methods
70 11,039,868 Patella fracture reduction plates
71 11,039,867 Calcaneal bone plate targeting guide
72 11,039,859 Spinal correction construct and method
73 11,039,826 Method and apparatus for forming a self-locking adjustable loop
74 11,039,763 Interactive physical therapy
75 11,039,682 Platform mechanism
76 11,039,628 Methods of using silage produced from a corn hybrid comprising brown midrib and floury traits for meat production
77 11,039,614 Solid herbicide compositions containing fluroxypyr-meptyl
78 11,039,604 Laying nest with rack drive floor expulsion system
79 D0922,539 Faucet handle
80 D0922,538 Faucet handle
81 D0922,537 Faucet handle
82 D0922,535 Faucet handle
83 D0922,534 Faucet handle
84 D0922,531 Faucet
85 D0922,530 Faucet
86 D0922,527 Faucet escutcheon
87 11,038,591 Optical interface and distributed fiber optic communication network for controlling a gas turbine engine and method
88 11,038,309 Modular electrical receptacle assembly
89 11,037,777 Systems and methods for separating ions at about or above atmospheric pressure
90 11,037,772 Methods for analyzing a tissue sample
91 11,037,369 Virtual or augmented reality rehabilitation
92 11,036,603 Distributed test suite tools
93 11,036,328 Touch input lock
94 11,035,837 Methods and systems for analyzing a field
95 11,035,818 Blood glucose meter with low cost user interface having programmed graphic indicators
96 11,035,595 Recuperated superheat return trans-critical vapor compression system
97 11,035,481 Bi-directional valve device for selective control of fluid flow through multiple converging paths
98 11,035,440 Multi-speed transmission
99 11,035,367 Sump pump system with an electronic controller module secured in a sump pump power cord
100 11,035,326 Propane fuel system temperature control systems and methods
101 11,035,310 Reference value engine control systems and methods
102 11,035,300 Control of a gas turbine driving a generator of an electrical system based on faults detected in the electrical system
103 11,035,281 Soot load estimation using dual differential pressure sensors
104 11,035,279 Method, engine, and control system for controlling soot loading of exhaust gas aftertreatment components
105 11,035,263 Compression release valvetrain design
106 11,035,241 Method to pilot using flexible profile
107 11,035,156 Automobile door latch apparatus
108 11,035,149 Modular cylindrical lockset
109 11,034,689 Small molecule protein arginine methyltransferase 5 (PRMT5) inhibitors and methods of treatment
110 11,034,459 Distributed control and monitoring system for multiple platforms
111 11,034,352 Systems and methods for engine and transmission control in response to look ahead data
112 11,034,279 Slide out ramp
113 11,034,203 Spring hanger system and methods of making and using same
114 11,034,199 Shock absorbing trailer coupler system
115 11,034,072 Prestretched elastic film in personal hygiene products
116 11,034,043 Knife assemblies for slicing machines and machines equipped therewith
117 11,033,697 Nasal drug delivery devices
118 11,033,402 Expandable interbody implant
119 11,033,400 Glenoid implant
120 11,033,384 Aortic valve stent graft
121 11,033,294 Method of treatment for aortic dissection
122 11,033,282 Acetabular/patellar/glenoid/calcar reamer cutting tooth arrangment with depth-of-cut control feature
123 11,033,281 Knee resection and gap balancing instruments and techniques for kinematic alignment
124 11,033,117 Dynamic foam mattress adapted for use with a variable length hospital bed
125 11,033,106 Storage rack guard drop-in bracket
126 11,033,105 Storage rack guard drop-in bracket
127 11,032,996 Soybean variety OT34673116
128 D0921,927 Step tread frame
129 D0921,904 Glucose meter
130 D0921,848 Faucet handle
131 D0921,847 Faucet handle
132 D0921,846 Faucet handle
133 D0921,843 Faucet
134 D0921,842 Faucet
135 D0921,662 Display screen with graphical user interface for medical treatment and/or diagnostics
136 D0921,391 Coordinated set of furniture backs
137 11,031,741 Smart connector assembly
138 11,031,268 Device for in situ thermal control and transfer of a monolayer or thin film
139 11,031,130 Patient support apparatus having data collection and communication capability
140 11,031,116 Autonomous management of a diabetic condition based on mealtime and activity detection
141 11,030,874 Bathroom clean monitoring in a healthcare facility
142 11,030,869 Method of communicating between a client-server system and remote clients
143 11,029,309 Composition comprising up-converting phosphors for detecting an analyte
144 11,028,927 Wide differential pressure range air riding carbon seal
145 11,028,810 Injector method of switching between injection state and drain state
146 11,028,807 Bowl for filter assemblies
147 11,028,792 Systems and methods for controlling EGR flow during transient conditions
148 11,028,773 Compressed gas integrated power and thermal management system
149 11,028,754 Real-time control of reductant droplet spray momentum and in-exhaust spray distribution
150 11,028,753 System and method for determining engine out NOx based on in-cylinder contents
151 11,028,752 Reductant insertion assembly comprising a bladder
152 11,028,737 Mechanical retention member for valvetrain components
153 11,028,732 High temperature panel damper for sheet metal structures
154 11,028,722 Ceramic matrix composite blade track assembly with tip clearance control
155 11,028,715 Reduced leakage air seal
156 11,028,706 Captured compliant coil seal
157 11,028,427 Systems and methods for proteomic activity analysis using DNA-encoded probes
158 11,028,393 siRNA compositions that specifically down regulate expression of a variant of the PNPLA3 gene and methods of use thereof for treating a chronic liver disease
159 11,028,352 Detergent pouch with enzymatic water-soluble film
160 11,028,096 Tricyclic P2-ligand containing potent HIV-protease inhibitors against HIV/AIDS
161 11,028,074 CD73 inhibitors
162 11,028,019 Boron carbide composite
163 11,027,893 Package
164 11,027,869 Method for separate sterilization and aseptic assembly
165 11,027,853 Distributed control and monitoring system for multiple platforms
166 11,027,530 Recreational vehicle component with image and method of manufacturing
167 11,027,529 Joint surface coatings for ceramic components
168 11,027,484 3D printed fluoropolymer-based energetic compositions
169 11,027,450 Cutting heads, cutting machines equipped therewith, and methods of operation
170 11,027,351 Braze for ceramic and ceramic matrix composite components
171 11,027,069 Drug delivery device with retaining member
172 11,027,059 Spring force assembly for biasing or actuating stoppers of syringes, injection pen cartridges and the like
173 11,026,857 Shoulder hold-down and locking mechanism therefor for use with a surgical frame
174 11,026,853 Patient repositioning system
175 11,026,813 Spinal implant system and method
176 11,026,810 Prosthesis alignment system
177 11,026,799 Ethnic-specific orthopaedic implants and custom cutting jigs
178 11,026,736 Surgical instrument and method
179 11,026,733 Surgical system and method
180 11,026,723 Pedicle screw assemblies with 3D printed components
181 11,026,722 Orthopedic tethered implants and system
182 11,026,699 Tibial tubercule osteotomy
183 11,026,674 Anchoring system and method for securing a suture to a pre-drilled hole
184 11,026,667 Devices and methods for treating fistulae and other bodily openings and passageways
185 11,026,423 Herbicidal compositions and methods
186 D0920,778 Beverage box
187 11,025,598 Method and apparatus for managing encryption keys and encrypted electronic information on a network server
188 11,024,348 Memory array with reduced read power requirements and increased capacity
189 11,023,875 Electronic credential management system
190 11,022,981 Control architecture for predictive and optimal vehicle operations in a single vehicle environment
191 11,022,604 Dock derived compound against laminin receptor (37 LR) and uses thereof
192 11,022,360 Method for reducing condenser size and power on a heat rejection system
193 11,022,193 Inaccuracy tolerant actuation assembly, article using the same, and method of producing the article
194 11,022,174 Drain arrangement for a squeeze film damper
195 11,022,127 Laminar flow radial ceiling fan
196 11,022,124 Whole home water appliance system
197 11,022,115 Controlled variable delivery external gear machine
198 11,022,060 Diagnostic systems and methods for isolating failure modes of a vehicle
199 11,022,050 Automatic engine brake control systems and methods
200 11,022,042 Aircraft having a gas turbine generator with power assist
201 11,022,014 Exhaust aftertreatment system with heated flash-boiling doser
202 11,021,974 Turbine wheel assembly with retainer rings for ceramic matrix composite material blades
203 11,021,972 Variable pitch blade holder for gas turbine engine
204 11,021,897 Overtravel hinge
205 11,021,779 Sacrificial 3-dimensional weaving method and ceramic matrix composites formed therefrom
206 11,021,688 Derivation of human skin organoids from pluripotent stem cells
207 11,021,472 Use of compounds comprising two or more hydrophobic domains and a hydrophilic domain comprising PEG moieties for stabilization of a cell
208 11,021,410 Layer-wise agglomerated urea granules
209 11,021,302 Closure with rotation-inhibiting projection
210 11,021,052 Capless closure assembly for fuel-tank filler pipe
211 11,020,751 Separation process for plastics materials
212 11,020,698 Filter with variable cross-section axial seal
213 11,020,579 Combined arterial venous fistula graft implant and method of using same
214 11,020,304 Surgical frame including main beam for facilitating patient access
215 11,020,284 Incontinence detection pad with liquid filter layer
216 11,020,257 Pre-loaded multiport delivery device
217 11,020,252 Longitudinally folded stent and method of using same
218 11,020,246 Force and rotation sensing device and method
219 11,020,239 Expandable spinal implant system and method of using same
220 11,020,238 Unilateral moveable interbody fusion device and method of use
221 11,020,160 Surgical injection system and method
222 11,020,154 Surgical instrument and methods of use
223 11,020,131 Multi-use tool
224 11,020,128 Patient-specific bone grafting system and method
225 11,019,958 Flameless non-electric chafing dish
226 11,019,795 Soybean variety AV42705183
227 11,019,794 Soybean variety OT34675955
228 11,019,793 Soybean variety GF34657602

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The U.S. Trademark office issued the following 170 trademark registrations to persons and businesses in Indiana in June 2021 based on applications filed by Indiana tradmark attorneys:

Reg Number Word Mark
6385278 JESUS GIRL

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Indianapolis, Indiana – Apparently, La Michoacana Meat Market TM Holdings, LLC (“La Michoacana”), the Plaintiff owns a number of federal trademark registrations for use in connection with its Mexican-styled grocery stores, meat markets, fruit shops, restaurants, and bakeries (the “LA MICHOACANA Marks”).

According to the Complaint, Defendants, Josue Lopez and Supermercado Jireh LLC, own and operate at least one Mexican-themed grocery store using the name “Super Mercado Jireh Pollo Michoacano. La Michoacana claims that Defendants’ use of “MICHOACANO” in connection with food-related goods and services is confusingly similar to the LA MICHOACANA Marks and therefore constitutes infringement of those marks.


La Michoacana is seeking damages for federal trademark infringement pursuant to 15 U.S.C. § 1117(a). It is further claiming damages for false designation of origin and unfair competition under 15 U.S.C. 1125(a). As La Michoacana claims it has suffered irreparable injury for which it has no adequate remedy at law, it is seeking a permanent injunction pursuant to 15 U.S.C. § 1116(a). Finally, La Michoacana is seeking damages for common law unfair competition and unjust enrichment.

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BlogPhoto-3-300x196Indianapolis, Indiana – Plaintiff, Somero Enterprises, Inc. (“Somero”), originally filed suit in the Indianapolis Division of the Southern District of Indiana alleging patent infringement against Defendant, Ligchine International Corporation (“Ligchine”). Ligchine responded to the Complaint by filing a Motion for Intra-District Transfer to the New Albany Division.

Pursuant to 28 U.S.C. § 1404(a), a Court may “transfer an action filed in a proper, though not necessarily convenient, venue to a more convenient district.” According to the Court’s Order, the Court typically considers four factors: “(1) the convenience of the parties; (2) the convenience of the witnesses; (3) the situs of material events and access to proof; and (4) the interest of justice.” Order at p. 2. (citation omitted).

Ligchine argued that because Somero does not reside in the Southern District of Indiana and all of Ligchine’s offices, operations, witnesses, and evidence are located in the New Albany Division, the transfer should be granted. Somero opposed the Motion arguing that its preference for the Indianapolis Division should be given substantial deference. Further, Somero claimed its counsel would have to drive two hours more each way for in-person Court appearances which would require counsel to fly and/or stay overnight in a hotel, thereby increasing his exposure to COVID-19. However, in its Reply, Ligchine pointed out that a plaintiff’s choice of forum has diminishing importance when the selected forum is not the plaintiff’s home forum.

The Court found that while “several of the factors are neutral . . . [it is] significant the fact that none of the events giving rise to this lawsuit occurred within the Indianapolis District, that Somero’s witnesses will have to travel 9.5 hours to the Indianapolis Division in any event and only an additional 1.5 hours to the New Albany Division, and that Ligchine’s witnesses are located within the New Albany Division.” Therefore, the transfer to the New Albany Division was granted. Order at p. 11.

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NobleRomansBlogPhoto-300x143Indianapolis, Indiana – Defendants, Gateway Triangle Corp., 7405 Indy Corp., 850 Indy Corp. Northlake Marketing, LLC and Thomas M. Collins, in a suit originally filed by Noble Roman’s, Inc. in the Superior Court of Marion County, Indiana filed a Notice of Removal to the United States District Court for the Southern District of Indiana.

According to the Complaint, Noble Roman’s is the exclusive holder of licensing and franchising rights relating to the Noble Roman’s pizza brand. Noble Roman’s claims while they had a Franchise Agreement with Defendant Gateway, that Franchise Agreement terminated on December 31, 2019. Noble Roman’s filed suit seeking damages for Defendants’ alleged conversion and theft of Noble Roman’s property rights in violation of Indiana Code §§ 35-43-4-3 and 34-43-4-2. The Complaint further sought damages for breach of the Franchise Agreement, trademark infringement of U.S. Registration Nos. 987,069, 1,920,428, and 1,682,308, and unjust enrichment.

Defendants claim the case is removable under 28 U.S.C. § 1441 in part because federal question jurisdiction exists as Noble Roman’s asserted a federal claim under the Lanham Act. Further, Defendants assert the Southern District of Indiana has supplemental jurisdiction of the state law claims under 28 U.S.C. § 1367(a) because they form part of the same case or controversy as the federal trademark claims.

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Ft. Wayne, Indiana – Apparently, Westwood One, LLC (“Westwood”), the Plaintiff owns a large portfolio of audio products for use by its affiliated broadcast radio stations and media partners. According to the Complaint, Westwood owns U.S. Patent Nos. 7,860,448 and 7,412,203 (the “Patents in Suit”). The Patents in Suit relate to methods and computer programs for localizing broadcast content and an apparatus for operating a broadcast network, respectively.

Westwood claims it began notifying the Defendant, Local Radio Networks LLC (“LRN”), regarding its ownership of the Patents in Suit in May 2020. It appears the alleged infringement had not ceased after these communications and therefore Westwood filed suit for willful patent infringement. In addition to direct patent infringement, Westwood is claiming LRN has induced and continues to induce infringement of the Patents in Suit by knowingly inducing others to make, use, or sell products covered by the Patents in Suit. Further, Westwood claims LRN targeted former Westwood employees for employment that have knowledge of Westwood’s patented programs. Westwood is seeking damages, including treble damages, for willful infringement pursuant to 35 U.S.C. § 284 and attorneys’ fees pursuant to 35 U.S.C. § 285.

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USA – The Copyright Alternative in Small-Clams Enforcement (CASE) Act was enacted on December 27, 2020.  This creates a Copyright Claims Board consisting of three officers chosen by the Librarian of Congress and the Register of Copyrights.  The officers will act as arbitrators for civil copyright claims and counterclaims capped at $30,000 in damages for declaratory judgment of non-infringement or for notices under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.  The Board is expected to be operational by December 27, 2021.

Parties may affirmatively opt out of adjudication before the board within 60 days of service. Failure to do so will serve as consent to the proceeding before the Board and will waive the right to a jury trial.

The proceedings before the Board are also less formal. While parties can conduct written discovery, they may not conduct depositions under the CASE Act. Further, unlike federal district courts, attorneys’ fees are not generally awardable to prevailing parties.

BlogPhoto-1Indianapolis, Indiana – Apparently Indianapolis Bouldering LLC, the Plaintiff, provides bouldering facilities as part of its fitness facility. According to the Complaint, Indianapolis Bouldering intends on opening a 52,000 square foot fitness facility (“North Mass Boulder”) in May 2021 using images of rocks and natural surfaces to create an organic branding aesthetic. The Defendants, BP Holdings Company, LLC, Seattle Bouldering Project, LLC, Minneapolis Bouldering Project, LLC, and Austin Bouldering Project, LLC (“Defendants”), allegedly operate climbing gyms in Washington, Texas, and Minneapolis with colorful and geometric branding.

Indianapolis Bouldering acknowledges in the Complaint that for “a brief period of time in late 2020, one of its members used content from one of Defendant’s websites (the “Website Content”) as a placeholder text during the website design process.” It further claims the Website Content was removed after being publicly available for two weeks and was replaced. The Parties apparently exchanged multiple letters regarding the Website Content and various other intellectual property rights. According to the Complaint, Defendants continued to threaten suit to enforce their purported intellectual property rights.

Therefore, Indianapolis Bouldering is seeking a declaratory judgment that (1) the intellectual property interests asserted by Defendants are invalid and/or unenforceable; (2) it is not infringing, has not infringed, and is not liable for infringing any allegedly enforceable intellectual property interest; and (3) non-violation of alleged trade secrets of Defendants.

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BlogPhoto-5Indiana – Apparently Stefan Schnebelt, the Plaintiff, is a professional photographer that licenses his photographs. Schnebelt claims he took a photograph of Murlough Bay in Northern Ireland (the “Photo”) and later placed it on his website with a gutter credit. Schnebelt also claims to have registered the Photo with the U.S. Copyright Office under Registration No. VA 2-111-254.

According to the Complaint, Anglotopia, LLC, the Defendant, operates the website Schnebelt claims Anglotopia posted an article entitled The Telly Fiver-Five Game of Thrones Filming Locations You Can Visit along with the Photo on its website without his permission or a license. Therefore, Schnebelt is seeking damages for copyright infringement pursuant to 17 U.S.C. §§ 106 and 501. Further, Schnebelt is claiming Anglotopia removed his copyright management information in violation of 17 U.S.C. § 1202.

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Carmel, Indiana – Apparently Midcontinent Independent System Operator, Inc. (“MISO”), the Plaintiff, delivers electric power across 15 U.S. states and operates one of the world’s largest energy markets. In connection with its services, MISO claims it has three registered, incontestable, U.S. Trademarks 4,129,745, 4,616,653, and 4,136,817 (the “MISO Marks”). The MISO Marks include a wordmark for “MISO,” and two design marks: .

MISO claims that James F. Sullivan aka Jim Cassidy, the Defendant, under his business ADSNELLC, published a mobile application “Midcontinent ISO with Realtime Dashboard” (the “Infringing App”). The Infringing App and the Google Play listing for the Infringing App allegedly misappropriate and infringe the MISO Marks. Further, MISO claims ADSNELLC has published at least one other mobile application that encourages users to “hunt” and report illegal immigrants. Therefore, MISO claims the mere presence of the Infringing App is causing harm to MISO.

MISO is seeking injunctive relief and damages for trademark infringement and counterfeiting pursuant to 15 U.S.C. §§ 1116 and 1117.

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